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We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
2033 House Relating to safety measures for fire department vehicles and other vehicles using lights or other signals in emergency or work zones. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
2037 House Relating to modifying the standard for use of force by peace officers, but only with respect to providing that physical force may be used to the extent necessary, clarifying that deadly force may be used in the face of an immediate threat, clarifying that physical force may be used to protect against a criminal offense when there is probable cause that a person has committed or is committing the offense, authorizing the use of physical force to prevent a person from fleeing a temporary in. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
2046 House Relating to ethics in public service rules governing certain legislative activity. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
2050 House Relating to repealing requirements for parent payment of the cost of their child's support, treatment, and confinement. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
2051 House Relating to providing short-term disaster recovery financial assistance to agricultural producers. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
2057 House Relating to strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion in the state patrol workforce. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
2058 House Relating to the preservation and protection of facilities owned by the state parks and recreation commission that are listed on the Washington heritage register or the national register of historic places. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
2061 House Relating to adding permanently affordable housing to the definition of public improvements. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
2064 House Relating to security deposits and damages arising out of residential tenancies. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
2068 House Relating to creating the imagination library of Washington program. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
2074 House Relating to fees collected from out-of-state residents who register off-road vehicles in Washington. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
2075 House Relating to establishing service requirements for the department of social and health services. Vetoed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
2076 House Relating to rights and obligations of transportation network company drivers and transportation network companies. Signed / Partial Veto Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
2078 House Relating to establishing the outdoor school for all program. Signed Wed, Mar. 23, 2022
2096 House Relating to the working families' tax exemption, also known as the working families tax credit. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
2099 House Relating to improving tax administration by waiving penalties and imposing interest in certain situations involving delayed tax payments, and by extending a statute of limitations period for certain egregious tax crimes. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
2124 House Relating to extending collective bargaining to legislative employees by creating the office of state legislative labor relations that will consider issues of the subjects of bargaining, the employees for whom collective bargaining would be appropriate, who would provide negotiation services, which entities would be considered the employer, definitions of relevant terms, coalition bargaining, grievance procedures, procedures for disciplinary actions, procedures related to certifying exclus. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
5002 Senate Relating to the state auditor's duties and procedures. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5017 Senate Relating to clarifying school district procurement requirements for personal service contracts for construction management, value engineering, constructibility review, and building commissioning. Vetoed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
5042 Senate Relating to the effective date of certain actions taken under the growth management act. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5078 Senate Relating to establishing firearms-related safety measures to increase public safety by prohibiting the manufacture, possession, distribution, importation, selling, offering for sale, purchasing, or transfer of large capacity magazines, by allowing continued possession of large capacity magazines limited to possession prior to, and inheritance on or after, the effective date of this act, subject to certain restrictions on the ability to sell or transfer such large capacity magazines and pe. Signed Wed, Mar. 23, 2022
5085 Senate Relating to modifying the alternative fuel vehicle fee for electric motorcycles. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5196 Senate Relating to how the legislature may convene a special session. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5245 Senate Relating to the safety of crime victims. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
5252 Senate Relating to school district consultation with local tribes. Signed Fri, Mar. 4, 2022