Bill Action

We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

No bill action scheduled at this time.


Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1426 House Relating to specifying minimum continuing education requirements for administrator and teacher certificate renewals that focus on equity-based school and classroom practices. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1437 House Relating to a vessel crewmember license. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1438 House Relating to expanding eligibility for property tax exemptions for service-connected disabled veterans and senior citizens by modifying income thresholds for eligibility to allow deductions for common health care-related expenses. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1443 House Relating to social equity within the cannabis industry. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
1445 House Relating to the definition of compounding for purposes of the practice of pharmacy. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1446 House Relating to prohibiting a utility from being assessed a penalty for not meeting its biennial acquisition target for cost-effective conservation in special circumstances outside the utility's control. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1455 House Relating to the use of social security numbers by the department of labor and industries and the employment security department. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1457 House Relating to facilitating the installation of broadband facilities on limited access highways. Signed Wed, May. 12, 2021
1469 House Relating to enhanced raffle procedures. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1471 House Relating to community preservation and development authorities. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1472 House Relating to membership of the student achievement council. Signed Mon, Apr. 26, 2021
1476 House Relating to enrollment stabilization funding to address enrollment declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1477 House Relating to the implementation of the national 988 system to enhance and expand behavioral health crisis response and suicide prevention services statewide by imposing an excise tax on certain telecommunications services. Signed Thu, May. 13, 2021
1480 House Relating to extending certain privileges granted to liquor licensees to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1482 House Relating to foreclosure protections for homeowners in common interest communities. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1484 House Relating to the statewide first responder building mapping information system. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1491 House Relating to rights-of-way for the transport of timber, minerals, stone, sand, gravel, or other valuable materials. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1493 House Relating to job search monitoring. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1495 House Relating to providing that qualified dealer cash incentives paid to auto dealers are bona fide discounts for purposes of the business and occupation tax. Vetoed Tue, May. 18, 2021
1502 House Relating to the procurement and design of electric ferries by counties. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1504 House Relating to modifying the workforce education investment act to invest in new and existing behavioral health workforce programs. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
1512 House Relating to lodging-related assessments under chapter 35.87A RCW. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1514 House Relating to transportation demand management. Signed Mon, Apr. 26, 2021
1521 House Relating to supporting warehousing and manufacturing job centers. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1525 House Relating to enforcement of judgments. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021