Bill Action

We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1814 House Relating to expanding equitable access to the benefits of renewable energy through community solar projects. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1815 House Relating to deterring catalytic converter theft. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1818 House Relating to promoting successful reentry and rehabilitation of persons convicted of criminal offenses. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
1821 House Relating to the definition of established relationship for purposes of audio-only telemedicine. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1825 House Relating to continuity of judicial operations in single judge courts. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
1832 House Relating to code city form of government elections and city manager appointment. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
1833 House Relating to establishing an electronic option for the submission of household income information required for participation in school meals and programs. Signed Wed, Mar. 23, 2022
1834 House Relating to student excused absences for mental health reasons. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
1835 House Relating to outreach and completion initiatives to increase postsecondary enrollment. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1846 House Relating to providing a tax preference for rural and nonrural data centers. Signed / Partial Veto Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
1851 House Relating to preserving a pregnant individual's ability to access abortion care. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
1859 House Relating to quality standards for laboratories conducting cannabis analysis. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
1860 House Relating to preventing homelessness among persons discharging from inpatient behavioral health settings. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1866 House Relating to assisting persons receiving community support services through medical assistance programs to receive supportive housing. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1867 House Relating to dual credit program data. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
1874 House Relating to reducing barriers to professional licensure for individuals with previous arrests or criminal convictions. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
1876 House Relating to public investment impact disclosures for certain ballot measures that repeal, levy, or modify any tax or fee and have a fiscal impact statement that shows that adoption of the measure would cause a net change in state revenue. Signed Wed, Mar. 23, 2022
1878 House Relating to increasing public school participation in the community eligibility provision of the United States department of agriculture. Signed Fri, Mar. 4, 2022
1881 House Relating to creating a new health profession for birth doulas. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
1888 House Relating to allowing the department of revenue to adjust the rates of remittance reductions in the working families' tax credit in order to align with federal maximum qualifying income levels. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
1890 House Relating to the children and youth behavioral health work group. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
1893 House Relating to allowing emergency medical technicians to provide medical evaluation, testing, and vaccines outside of an emergency in response to a public health agency request. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
1894 House Relating to expanding the period for juvenile diversion agreements. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
1899 House Relating to confidentiality of certain data shared with the department of financial institutions. Signed Fri, Mar. 4, 2022
1901 House Relating to updating laws concerning civil protection orders to further enhance and improve their efficacy and accessibility. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022