Bill Action

We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
5755 Senate Relating to authorizing certain cities to establish a limited sales and use tax incentive program to encourage redevelopment of underdeveloped lands in urban areas. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5756 Senate Relating to establishing the semiquincentennial committee. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
5758 Senate Relating to condominium conversions. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5761 Senate Relating to employer requirements for providing wage and salary information to applicants for employment. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5763 Senate Relating to eliminating subprevailing wage certificates for individuals with disabilities. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
5764 Senate Relating to apprenticeships and higher education. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5765 Senate Relating to the practice of midwifery. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
5785 Senate Relating to transitional food assistance. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
5787 Senate Relating to the linked deposit program. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
5788 Senate Relating to guardianship of minors. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5789 Senate Relating to creating the Washington career and college pathways innovation challenge program. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5790 Senate Relating to strengthening critical community support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5791 Senate Relating to law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system benefits. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5793 Senate Relating to allowing compensation for lived experience on boards, commissions, councils, committees, and other similar groups. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5796 Senate Relating to restructuring cannabis revenue appropriations to provide transparency and accountability and to increase community infrastructure and investment. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5799 Senate Relating to modifying the application of the workforce education investment advanced computing surcharge to provider clinics and affiliated organizations. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5800 Senate Relating to modifying tax and revenue laws in a manner that is estimated to not affect state or local tax collections by easing compliance burdens for taxpayers, clarifying ambiguities, making technical corrections, and providing administrative efficiencies. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
5810 Senate Relating to exempting certain prepaid services from insurance regulation. Vetoed Thu, Mar. 31, 2022
5814 Senate Relating to providing funding for medical evaluations of suspected victims of child abuse. Signed Thu, Mar. 24, 2022
5815 Senate Relating to implementing an identicard program to provide individuals a Washington state-issued identicard. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
5818 Senate Relating to promoting housing construction in cities through amendments to and limiting appeals under the state environmental policy act and growth management act. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5819 Senate Relating to the developmental disabilities administration's no-paid services caseload. Signed Wed, Mar. 30, 2022
5821 Senate Relating to evaluating the state's cardiac and stroke emergency response system. Signed Fri, Mar. 11, 2022
5838 Senate Relating to providing a monthly diaper subsidy for parents or other caregivers receiving temporary assistance for needy families. Signed Thu, Mar. 17, 2022
5842 Senate Relating to state laws that address climate change. Signed Fri, Mar. 25, 2022