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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1001 House Relating to service contract providers. Signed Mon, Apr. 8, 2019
1011 House Relating to improving the accuracy of the residential real estate disclosure statement associated with the Washington right to farm act by providing a more complete description of the scope of RCW 7.48.305 through references related to working forests. Signed Mon, Apr. 8, 2019
1012 House Relating to the use of child passenger restraint systems. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1014 House Relating to financial responsibility of motorcycle operators. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1016 House Relating to hospital notification of availability of sexual assault evidence kit collection. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1020 House Relating to modifying the qualifications of members composing the county road administration board. Signed Wed, Apr. 17, 2019
1026 House Relating to breed-based dog regulations. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2019
1034 House Relating to establishing a soju endorsement to beer and/or wine restaurant licenses and spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licenses. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1041 House Relating to promoting successful reentry by modifying the process for obtaining certificates of discharge and vacating conviction records. Signed Thu, May. 9, 2019
1048 House Relating to modifying the process for prevailing parties to recover judgments in small claims court. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1049 House Relating to health care provider and health care facility whistleblower protections. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1055 House Relating to authorizing law enforcement to arrest persons in violation of certain no-contact orders involving victims of trafficking and promoting prostitution offenses. Signed Mon, Apr. 8, 2019
1059 House Relating to extending the business and occupation tax return filing due date for annual filers. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1062 House Relating to expanding access to commercial fishing opportunities. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2019
1064 House Relating to law enforcement. Signed Mon, Feb. 4, 2019
1065 House Relating to protecting consumers from charges for out-of-network health care services. Signed Tue, May. 21, 2019
1066 House Relating to the service of legal actions to collect a debt by a collection agency. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2019
1070 House Relating to the tax treatment of renewable natural gas. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2019
1071 House Relating to breach of security systems protecting personal information. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1074 House Relating to protecting youth from tobacco products and vapor products by increasing the minimum legal age of sale of tobacco and vapor products. Signed Fri, Apr. 5, 2019
1075 House Relating to consumer competitive group insurance. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1083 House Relating to providing greater certainty in association with selling city-owned property used for off-street parking. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1087 House Relating to long-term services and supports. Signed Mon, May. 13, 2019
1091 House Relating to making technical corrections and removing obsolete language from the Revised Code of Washington pursuant to RCW 1.08.025. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1092 House Relating to the compensation of commissioners of certain metropolitan park districts. Signed Mon, Apr. 29, 2019