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Recently Appointed Board Members

Board / Commission Member Namesort descending Region Term Begin Term End Position Requirements
Blind, Rehabilitation Council for the Brannon, Julie Puget Sound 02/18/2020 09/13/2022 Current or former applicants for, or recipients of, vocational rehabilitation services
Agency Head - Health, Department of A. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., Umair 12/21/2020 01/01/2075* State Agency Head
Asian Pacific American Affairs, Commission Abbott, Chongsun Puget Sound 07/06/2021 06/30/2024 General Public
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth, Washington Center for Acuna, Jennifer Puget Sound 12/17/2019 07/01/2024 Congressional District 6
Opportunity Scholarship Board Adams, Robert Puget Sound 03/23/2021 08/31/2023 Governor shall select from general public
Independent Living Council, State Adamson, Donna Northwest 12/18/2020 09/30/2023 Directors of any vocational rehabilitation services projects operated by Indian tribes in Washington
Whatcom Community College Board of Trustees Adelstein, Steven Northwest 06/20/2017 09/30/2021 General Public
Statewide Reentry Council, Washington Adewale, Francis Northeast 07/01/2021 06/30/2023 Representing a statewide organization representing public defenders
Salmon Commission Southern Panel, Pacific Adicks, Vincent Southwest 12/19/2019 09/30/2023 Official of the State of Washington, with salmon fishery management responsibility and expertise (Alternate)
Independent Living Council, State Adwell, Alyssa Puget Sound 10/01/2021 09/30/2024 Other appropriate individual with experience related to disability issues.
Physical Therapy, Board of Aglubat, Jennifer Puget Sound 09/20/2021 09/18/2025 Physical Therapist
Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board Agnew, Creigh Puget Sound 11/21/2011 06/30/2015 Business Industry
Boundary Review Board - Yakima County Aguilar, Juan Southeast 02/01/2021 01/31/2025 General Public
Economic Development Finance Authority, Washington Aguilar, Juan Southeast 01/08/2021 10/19/2024 General Public- Eastern
Professional Educator Standards Board Aguilera, Adam Southwest 01/06/2022 09/30/2025 Educator
Naturopathy, State Board of Ahdut, Amira Puget Sound 09/01/2019 08/01/2023 Licensed Naturopaths
Bellingham Technical College Board of Trustees Ahl, Debbie Northwest 10/01/2018 09/30/2023 General Public
Grays Harbor College Board of Trustees Akerlund, Paula Southwest 07/01/2018 09/30/2022 General Public
Edmonds College Board of Trustees Al-ghanim, Athmar Northwest 08/07/2020 06/30/2021 Student Representative
Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment Albert, Jesselle Puget Sound 04/23/2018 03/31/2022 Appointed from 3 recommendations provided by the Speaker of the House
Sentencing Guidelines Commission Albright, Jennifer Puget Sound 12/05/2019 08/02/2022 General Public
Student Achievement Council, Washington Alcantar, Alejandro Southeast 09/07/2021 06/30/2022 Student Representative - undergraduate student
Blind, Rehabilitation Council for the Alejano, Chris Puget Sound 12/11/2020 09/13/2023 Representative of the State workforce investment board.
Evergreen State College Board of Trustees, The Alexander, Monica Puget Sound 11/20/2017 09/30/2022 General Public
Office of Independent Investigations Advisory Board Alexander, Monica Puget Sound 11/15/2021 07/25/2023 Member of the Criminal Justice Training Commission
Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission Allard, Jerrie Northeast 01/20/2020 01/19/2024 General Public
Aerospace Technology Innovation Board of Directors, Joint Center for Allbritton, Nancy Puget Sound 09/24/2020 06/30/2023 Higher Education
Marine Resources Advisory Council Allison, Brian Northwest 10/07/2013 06/30/2017 Commercial fishing representative
Clemency and Pardons Board Almeida, Raul Southeast 02/07/2008 09/25/2011 General Public
Humanities Washington Board of Trustees Altamirano-Crosby, Julieta Northwest 01/01/2019 12/31/2021 General Public
Highline College Board of Trustees Altmayer, Daniel Puget Sound 10/01/2013 09/30/2018 General Public
Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission Alvarado, Jonathan Puget Sound 12/17/2021 06/30/2025 (ARNP) Nurse
Agency Head - Veterans Affairs, Department of Alvarado-Ramos, Lourdes Puget Sound 01/16/2013 State Agency Head
Judicial Conduct, Commission on Alvarez, Jacinto Northeast 10/06/2020 06/16/2022 General Public
Hispanic Affairs, Commission on ALVAREZ, LINA Southwest 08/02/2020 08/01/2023 General Public
Sentencing Guidelines Commission Amamilo, Sharonda 08/17/2021 08/02/2024 Superior Court Judge
Child Support Schedule Workgroup 2019 Amblad, Kristofer Puget Sound 12/01/2018 11/30/2022 Representative from legal services
Criminal Justice Training Commission Anaya, Jeffrey Southwest 10/04/2021 06/30/2026 Officer - at or below the level of first line supervisor
Health Insurance Pool Board of Directors, Washington State Ancheta, Cary Puget Sound 06/01/2019 05/31/2022 Health Care Consumer
Public Works Board Anderson, Jeralee Puget Sound 08/17/2021 06/30/2025 City Council Member - Association of Washington Cities Representative
Medical Commission, Washington Anderson, James Puget Sound 07/16/2018 06/30/2022 Physician Assistant
Homelessness, State Advisory Council on Anderson, Sheila Puget Sound 03/10/2017 01/04/2021 Charitable or Philanthropic Organization Representative
Occupational Therapy Practice Board Anderson, Clarice Sunny Northeast 01/01/2019 12/31/2021 Occupational Therapist Assistant
Building Code Council Anderson, Kjell Puget Sound 02/18/2020 01/05/2023 Design Architect
Podiatric Medical Board Anderson, Randolph Northwest 07/01/2017 06/30/2022 Licensed Podiatrist
Aerospace Workforce Council Anderson, Brandon 01/27/2021 01/01/2075* Largest Aerospace Labor Organizations in Washington
Fisheries Commission, Pacific States Marine Anderson, Philip Southwest 07/28/2016 06/30/2019 General Public
Fishery Management Council, Pacific Anderson, Philip Southwest 10/09/2018 08/10/2021 Stakeholder Seat (regional)
Fish and Wildlife Commission Anderson, James Puget Sound 07/24/2019 12/31/2024 At-Large Washington
Salmon Commission, Pacific Anderson, Philip Southwest 01/01/2016 12/31/2019 Pacific Salmon Expert (Washington or Oregon)
Child Support Schedule Workgroup 2019 Anderson, Catherine Puget Sound 12/01/2018 11/30/2022 Representative from the administrative office of the courts
Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Fund Governing Board Angel, Catalina Northwest 03/19/2021 03/15/2025 General Public
Clemency and Pardons Board Angeletti-Harris, Cheryl 09/27/2021 09/25/2025 General Public
Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and Their Families, State Interagency Coordinating Council for Antalan, E Renae` Puget Sound 01/20/2022 01/06/2025 Parent of an infant, toddler, or child with a disability aged twelve or younger, who has knowledge of, or experience with, programs for infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities
Pilotage Commissioners, Board of Anthony, Michael Puget Sound 01/08/2021 12/26/2023 Licensed ship pilot - Grays Harbor or Puget Sound
Tourism Marketing Authority Board of Directors, Washington Anton, Anthony Puget Sound 07/01/2021 06/30/2025 Representative with expertise in Tourism Industry: Restaurant
Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment Appelbaum, Frederick Puget Sound 09/22/2020 03/31/2024 Industry, appointed from nominations submitted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and Seattle Children's Research Institute.
Uniform Law Commission Appelwick, Marlin Puget Sound 10/29/1985 General Public
Aerospace Technology Innovation Board of Directors, Joint Center for Applewhite, Paul Puget Sound 08/13/2018 06/30/2021 Aerospace Industry (Association)
LGBTQ Commission, Washington State Archer, Jac Northeast 01/17/2020 06/30/2022 General Public
Statewide Reentry Council, Washington Armbruster, Danielle Puget Sound 03/10/2021 06/30/2022 Representative of the Department of Corrections
Wenatchee Valley College Board of Trustees Arno Martinez, Paula Northeast 10/06/2020 09/30/2025 General Public
Building Code Council Arnold, Jay Puget Sound 04/16/2021 01/05/2024 Elected City Official
Yakima Valley Community College Board of Trustees Arteaga, Castulo (Cus) Southeast 10/13/2020 09/30/2023 General Public
Blind, Rehabilitation Council for the Arvidson, Andrew Northwest 03/05/2021 09/13/2022 Representatives of business, industry, and labor
Naturopathy, State Board of Aschtgen, Chad Puget Sound 08/02/2019 08/01/2023 Licensed Naturopaths
Workforce Education Investment Accountability and Oversight Board Ashby, Steven Southeast 07/01/2021 06/30/2024 Business Representative
Judicial Conduct, Commission on Ashby-Scott, Terrie Northeast 06/17/2021 06/16/2025 General Public
Coastal Marine Advisory Council, Washington Austin, JT Puget Sound 11/06/2017 10/07/2021 Representative of the Governor's Office
Grays Harbor College Board of Trustees Aveledo, Astrid Southwest 10/15/2018 09/30/2023 General Public
Arts Commission Avni, Robin Puget Sound 07/29/2020 07/28/2023 General Public
Regents, University of Washington Board of Ayer, William Puget Sound 04/03/2017 09/30/2022 General Public
Hispanic Affairs, Commission on Baca, Bernal Puget Sound 08/02/2020 08/01/2023 General Public
Community and Technical Colleges, State Board for Bagherpour, Ben Southwest 10/01/2021 09/30/2025 General Public
Professional Educator Standards Board Bahr, Krestin Puget Sound 04/01/2021 06/30/2023 Superintendent
African American Affairs, Commission on Bailey, Michael Puget Sound 11/19/2021 11/20/2023 General Public
Boundary Review Board - Cowlitz County Bain, James Southwest 02/19/2021 01/31/2025 General Public
Boundary Review Board - Cowlitz County Bain II, James Southwest 02/01/2017 01/31/2021 General Public
Electrical Board Baker, Don Puget Sound 05/21/2021 07/07/2023 Electrical Contractor
Fish and Wildlife Commission Baker, Barbara Puget Sound 01/17/2017 12/31/2022 At- large Washington
Utilities and Transportation Commission Balasbas, Jay Puget Sound 05/01/2017 01/01/2023 Republican
Yakima Valley Community College Board of Trustees Baldoz, Patrick Southeast 11/09/2021 09/30/2026 General Public
Agency Head - Traffic Safety Commission Baldwin, Shelly 02/16/2021 01/01/2075* State Agency Head
Indeterminate Sentence Review Board Balmert, Elyse Puget Sound 04/17/2017 04/15/2022 General Public
Salmon Commission Fraser River Panel, Pacific Baltzell, Mark Puget Sound 01/26/2021 09/30/2023 Official of the State of Washington, with salmon fishery management responsibility and expertise (Alternate)
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Banda, Abhishake Puget Sound 08/16/2018 06/30/2022 Dentist/Eastern
Environmental Justice Council Banegas, Nichole Southeast 01/06/2022 07/25/2023 One representative of a business that is regulated by a covered agency and whose ordinary business conditions are significantly affected by the actions of at least one other covered agency
Serve Washington Bannerman, Liahann Puget Sound 06/06/2019 02/15/2022 A member from the volunteer sector
Occupational Therapy Practice Board Barfield, Luningning Puget Sound 05/20/2020 12/31/2022 Occupational Therapist
Auto Theft Prevention Authority Barker, Mitch Puget Sound 02/28/2014 Executive Director WASPC
Boiler Rules, Board of Barker, Timothy Puget Sound 10/15/2018 08/22/2022 Boiler Insurance
Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board Barnes, Leonard Southwest 11/01/2018 06/30/2022 Port District Representative
Salaries for Elected Officials, Citizens' Commission on Barron, Kirsten 10/02/2020 06/30/2024 Attorney
Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Programs Advisory Committee Barron, Tatyana Puget Sound 02/09/2018 01/31/2021 Advocate/stakeholder - Youth
Pipeline Safety, Citizens' Committee on Baruso, Gregory Puget Sound 08/01/2018 07/31/2021 General Public
Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Basada, Marlita Puget Sound 06/25/2018 05/28/2023 Health Care Professional
Agency Head - Education Ombuds, Office of the Basas, Carrie Puget Sound 09/21/2015 01/01/2075* Ombudsman
Housing Finance Commission Bascomb, Nicole Puget Sound 07/09/2021 06/30/2023 General Public Finance
Earth-Abundant Materials Board of Directors, Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Baskaran, Suresh Southeast 11/23/2015 01/01/2075* Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Representative
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Bass, Tiffany Puget Sound 07/01/2018 06/30/2022 Dentist