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Marijuana Justice Initiative

In Washington state, it is no longer considered criminal behavior for adults to possess a small amount of marijuana for personal use. The governor’s Marijuana Justice Initiative intends to recognize the evolution of the state’s beliefs about marijuana and, within existing capacity, provide clemency relief to some who have these convictions on their records. The Initiative will provide an expedited process to grant pardons to people with a single misdemeanor conviction on their criminal record for adult marijuana possession prosecuted under Washington state law.

Inslee updates high risk worker proclamation

COVID-19: High-Risk Employees – Workers’ Rights

Inslee updates travel restriction proclamation

COVID-19: Restrictions on Travelers

Children and Youth Mental Health Crisis

Evictions and Related Housing Practices

Ratepayer Assistance and Preservation of Essential Services

COVID-19: Garnishments

Children and Youth Mental Health Crisis

Inslee announces proclamations on COVID-19 and winter weather, updates air travel proclamation

Gov. Jay Inslee today updated proclamation 20-83 regarding quarantine requirements for air travel. Inslee also released new proclamations related to winter weather and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19: Restrictions on Travelers

COVID-19: EFSEC Informational Public Hearings

Winter Weather

COVID-19: Truck Driver Hours

Inslee issues proclamation related to COVID-19 and foster care age limits

COVID-19: Extended eligibility for foster care services

Inslee updates COVID-19 proclamation related to long-term care

Inslee extends 26 proclamations relating to COVID-19

Gov. Jay Inslee today issued extensions of 26 emergency proclamations, which were extended by the Legislature on Jan.

COVID-19: Delaying Implementation of RCW 70A.530.020 - Single-Use Plastic Bags


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