Policy Brief: Health Care Reform: Healthy People, Healthy Economy

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Policy Brief: Yakima River Basin: Water, Jobs and Fish

Policy Brief: Governor Inslee's Blue Ribbon TaskForce on Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Policy Brief: Gov. Inslee's Principles for a 2013 Transportation Revenue Package

Policy Brief: Improving the Business Climate and Expanding Our Workforce

Policy Brief: Clean Energy, Climate Action and Plentiful Water

Policy Brief: Educating a 21st Century Workforce

Clemency & Pardons Board

The Clemency and Pardon Board receives petitions from individuals, organizations and the Department of Corrections for commutation of sentences and pardoning of offenders and, in some instances, for the restoration of the right to engage in political office.

Based on its review, the Board makes recommendations to the Governor. See statutory authority - RCW 9.94A.885


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