Inslee’s budget proposal fully funds K-12 education, launches overhaul of mental health system

OLYMPIA - Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday released his 2017–19 budget proposals which include plans for a major overhaul of the state’s troubled mental health system.

Inslee launches executive order to combat opioid crisis

Gov. Jay Inslee issued an executive order today that brings together state agencies, local public health organizations, law enforcement, tribal governments, and other partners to act on opioids.

Washington secures federal support to transform health system, improve behavioral health care and control costs


Gov. Inslee, Executive Constantine take a big-picture, cooperative approach to state’s mental-health system

A task force of experts convened by Gov.

Behavorial Health Integration

Washington is changing how we­­­­ treat and pay for people with mental health and substance use disorders. Treating the whole person—mind and body—is more effective for achieving health. It’s also better for the state budget, because healthier people and communities lead to higher rates of employment, and lower costs in areas such as the correctional system and overall medical spending.

Gov. Inslee is taking several steps to accomplish this behavioral health transformation:

Inslee signs updated bipartisan budget with wildfire and mental health funding, says next big lift on education remains

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee today signed the 2016 supplemental budget, which makes modest adjustments to the state’s current two-year budget.

Inslee appoints Acting Secretary for DSHS, launches national search for new secretary

Gov. Jay Inslee today announced he is appointing Patricia Lashway, Assistant Secretary for the Department of Social and Health Services’ Services and Enterprise Support Administration, to serve as Acting Secretary of the 17,500-employee agency.

Inslee makes strong case for proposed next steps to improve state psychiatric hospitals

OLYMPIA – Gov. Jay Inslee today made a strong case for the next steps to improve safety and treatment at Western State Hospital, the state’s largest psychiatric hospital.

Inslee proposes “modest, responsible” updates to state budget; calls for action to begin addressing statewide teacher shortage

Gov. Jay Inslee today proposed his 2016 supplemental budget that makes modest adjustments to the current 2015–17 budget. The adjustments primarily pay for caseload increases, emergency responses to wildfires and urgent mental health needs.

Statement from Gov. Inslee on the passage of the 2015-17 operating budget

Washington State Governor, Attorney General lead legal response to Supreme Court psychiatric boarding decision

Inslee, Ferguson work with Department of Social and Health Services, healthcare organizations, hospitals and disability rights advocates on joint response

Senate unanimously passes Governor Inslee's bill to revamp delivery of mental health services

The state Senate voted 49-0 Friday for a Gov. Inslee priority bill that will vastly improve how mental health and chemical dependency services are provided.

Gov. Inslee priorities advance at session half-time

As the 2014 legislative session reaches the half-way point, key priorities of Gov. Jay Inslee’s have passed through the House or Senate.

Policy Brief: Behavioral Health Integration


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