To help salmon migrate, Ecology issues proposal allowing more water to spill over dams

The Washington Department of Ecology is issuing a proposal to allow more water to spill over eight federal dams along the lower Columbia and Snake rivers.

State government seeking feedback on Washingtonians’ priorities

Washingtonians have the opportunity to help set state-level priorities in such areas as education, jobs and the environment. Results Washington, Gov.

Examples of climate impacts in Washington state (2014)

Gov. Inslee Climate Tour Header

Climate Impacts and Action in Washington. Together, We Can Lead. 

Bill Dewey harvests shellfish, an occupation that dates back millennia in the cool, coastal waters of Washington. But fast-moving changes threaten that livelihood and could radically alter the quality of life across much of the Evergreen State.

See Examples

  • Letters: Read before and after examples of re-written letters from a variety of state agencies.
  • Policies: Find state agency Plain Talk policies.

Measuring Progress

Currently, 35 state agencies and boards are involved in hundreds of plain language projects at any given time. They range from efforts to simplify form letters and forms, to web pages, brochures and instructions. The goal is to make it easier for citizens and businesses to do business with the state. But Governor Gregoire's Plain Talk initiative is also about making government more efficient and less expensive.

How to Write Great Instructions

Much government writing involves giving customers instructions. Customers will appreciate receiving instructions they can understand, and they are more likely to respond or comply. Your agency will spend less time and money correcting customer errors.

Key Elements

General Guidelines

Here are Washington's guidelines for writing to customers in Plain Talk. As you will see, it's about more than just writing well.


Start a Plain Language Initiative in Your Organization: A Step-by-Step Approach

As the world rapidly becomes more crowded, complex, and interconnected than we ever imagined, the plain language movement is taking off.

  • Businesses know that they increase their market share when customers are not confused or frustrated.

  • Public agencies know they save money and serve people better when citizens understand.

  • Translators know they can do their job properly when language isn't bogged down by "legalese" or bureaucratic jargon.

Plain Talk

Executive Order 05-03 requires all state agencies to use simple and clear language when communicating with citizens and businesses.

Why Plain Talk?

"Translating" long, difficult messages takes everyone a lot of time. It also can lead to errors, misunderstandings and frustration. Plain language documents can be read and understood quickly. That means your customers will comply faster and more accurately with regulations.

Joint SR 530 Landslide Commission

Final Report



Safe Communities

Safe Communities

State of the State 2014: Governor Inslee calls on legislators to invest in education, finish work on transportation, and boost minimum wage

Justice Reinvestment Task Force

Health Care & Human Services

Health Care & Human Services

Disability Employment Task Force

Most recent meeting/teleconference

    About the Board

    The Board consists of five members appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate (RCW 9.94A.880(1). Members of the Board serve terms of four years or until their successors are appointed (RCW 9.94A.880(2)). Learn more about the Board bylaws (PDF).

    Clemency & Pardons Board

    The Clemency and Pardon Board receives petitions from individuals, organizations and the Department of Corrections for commutation of sentences and pardoning of offenders and, in some instances, for the restoration of the right to engage in political office.

    Based on its review, the Board makes recommendations to the Governor. See statutory authority - RCW 9.94A.885

    Efficient Government

    Efficient Government


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