Southern Resident Orca Whale Recovery

Governor's Subcabinet on Military Downsizing

Healthiest Next Generation initiative

Every child deserves to grow up healthy. Recognizing that Washington's future depends on the health of our children, Governor Jay Inslee launched an initiative to join with families across the state in making our next generation the healthiest ever.

To help salmon migrate, Ecology issues proposal allowing more water to spill over dams

The Washington Department of Ecology is issuing a proposal to allow more water to spill over eight federal dams along the lower Columbia and Snake rivers.

Immigration and Refugee Resources

President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders and is implementing numerous policies and actions that have the potential to impact Washingtonians who are working, living, studying or visiting here with a visa, green card or as a refugee. Currently, his administration is forcibly separating children from their asylum-seeking families at our southern border and initiating raids in cities across the country. Gov. Jay Inslee has spoken out against these orders, pledging that Washington will remain a state that welcomes people of all faiths, nationalities and orientations. 

Deep Decarbonization

In 2015 more than 190 nations signed the Paris Climate Agreement, committing themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius by mid-century.

State government seeking feedback on Washingtonians’ priorities

Washingtonians have the opportunity to help set state-level priorities in such areas as education, jobs and the environment. Results Washington, Gov.

Behavorial Health Integration

Washington is changing how we­­­­ treat and pay for people with mental health and substance use disorders. Treating the whole person—mind and body—is more effective for achieving health. It’s also better for the state budget, because healthier people and communities lead to higher rates of employment, and lower costs in areas such as the correctional system and overall medical spending.

Gov. Inslee is taking several steps to accomplish this behavioral health transformation:

Outdoor Recreation

Almost 200,000 jobs are supported by outdoor recreation spending in Washington State. This includes everything from hunting and fishing to boating, bird-watching, and bicycling and much more. The recent report, Economic Analysis of Outdoor Recreation in Washington State, concluded:

Blue Ribbon Commission on Children and Families

Final Report

The Commission produced its final report on November 8, 2016:

Gov. Inslee’s Shellfish Initiative

The Washington Shellfish Initiative is a powerful partnership between state and federal government, Tribes, the shellfish aquaculture industry and non-government entities to promote critical clean-water commerce, elevate the role that shellfish play in keeping our marine waters healthy and create family wage jobs.

In 2011, following the launch of the National Shellfish Initiative - under former Governor Gregoire’s leadership - Washington was the first state in the nation to establish a shellfish initiative to advance our shellfish goals.

Firearm Fatality Prevention Executive Order

Governor Inslee's Executive Order 16-02:  Firearm Fatality Prevention – A Public Health Approach   

Forest Products & Rural Economic Development

Gov. Inslee is committed to creating good-paying jobs in every corner of Washington. Our small and rural communities contribute to the fabric of our innovative, hard-working state. Despite the unique challenges these communities face, they have a proven ability to innovate, modernize and diversify. 

The governor works to build and develop rural communities through economic development, strengthened infrastructure, accessible health and human services and energy-savings programs.  

Climate impacts in Washington state

Gov. Inslee Climate Tour Header

Climate Impacts and Action in Washington. Together, We Can Lead. 

Bill Dewey harvests shellfish, an occupation that dates back millennia in the cool, coastal waters of Washington. But fast-moving changes threaten that livelihood and could radically alter the quality of life across much of the Evergreen State.

See Examples

  • Letters: Read before and after examples of re-written letters from a variety of state agencies.
  • Policies: Find state agency Plain Talk policies.

Measuring Progress

Currently, 35 state agencies and boards are involved in hundreds of plain language projects at any given time. They range from efforts to simplify form letters and forms, to web pages, brochures and instructions. The goal is to make it easier for citizens and businesses to do business with the state. But Governor Gregoire's Plain Talk initiative is also about making government more efficient and less expensive.

How to Write Great Instructions

Much government writing involves giving customers instructions. Customers will appreciate receiving instructions they can understand, and they are more likely to respond or comply. Your agency will spend less time and money correcting customer errors.

Key Elements

General Guidelines

Here are Washington's guidelines for writing to customers in Plain Talk. As you will see, it's about more than just writing well.


Start a Plain Language Initiative in Your Organization: A Step-by-Step Approach

As the world rapidly becomes more crowded, complex, and interconnected than we ever imagined, the plain language movement is taking off.

  • Businesses know that they increase their market share when customers are not confused or frustrated.

  • Public agencies know they save money and serve people better when citizens understand.

  • Translators know they can do their job properly when language isn't bogged down by "legalese" or bureaucratic jargon.


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