ACA-based program gives high-risk patients better care, saves money

2017 legislative session produces major achievements for Washington

Housing program for young adults faces elimination under state Senate budget

Wage increase for state nurses vital to addressing hiring challenges

Inslee, Wyman announce funding for 2018 statewide ballot return postage

Gov. Jay Inslee and Secretary of State Kim Wyman jointly announced Tuesday they had secured funding for statewide ballot return postage in the 2018 Primary and General Elections.

Productive 2018 Legislature passes big wins for Washington

Inslee statement on House supplemental budget

"The plan put forward today by House Democrats addresses many of our most pressing needs — especially around mental health services — and plugs several of the holes in our current two-year state budget.

Inslee statement on Senate supplemental budget proposal

“I applaud Senate Democrats for prioritizing education and funding the final payment on our McCleary obligations this year.

Inslee statement on capital budget and Hirst bill

"It is good news for Washingtonians that the Legislature passed the long-overdue construction budget. This allows us to restart hundreds of stalled projects at schools and mental health facilities and build more affordable housing -- as well as put thousands of Washingtonians to work.

Inslee releases supplemental budget proposal including full funding of basic education by 2018 school year

10 reasons to say 'no' to the GOP's budget-busting, millionaire-windfall tax plan

Republicans are blowing a $1.5 trillion hole in the federal budget to fund massive tax cuts for the wealthy and leave Washington’s middle-class families behind.

Inslee urges state congressional delegation to reject GOP tax plan


Inslee statement on GOP tax plan in Congress

“The Republican tax plan is yet another giveaway to the wealthiest taxpayers paid for by the middle class. The proposal to eliminate the state and local sales tax deduction would impact more than 800,000 hard-working Washingtonians who use this deduction to reduce their federal tax bill.

It’s time to pass the capital budget.

Inslee raises concerns to legislators about potential legal and safety implications of not passing a capital budget

Inslee statement on work remaining in final week of special session

"This has been a historic session with a remarkable list of bipartisan accomplishments: fully funding education for the first time in decades, launching transformative changes to our mental health system and services for at-risk children, passing the strongest paid family leave program in the nat

Inslee calls for Senate Republicans to pass capital budget

After passing 92-1 in the House,

Inslee signs historic budget that fully funds education

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the two year operating budget Friday night as the fiscal year came to a close.

Inslee says 'historic budget' will fully fund schools for first time in decades

Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee on budget to be voted on today:

Deal In Principle Reached On State Operating Budget

House and Senate budget negotiators reported to Gov. Jay Inslee this morning that they have reached an agreement in principle on the 2017-2019 biennial operating budget.


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