Proclamations are formal public declarations from the governor. Often proclamations declare states of emergency or call the legislature into a special session. Proclamations on this page are unique from the ceremonial proclamations issued by the governor’s office.

Additional COVID-19 reopening guidance for businesses and workers is available here.

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Number Issued Title Statussort descending
20-26 03/24/2020 COVID-19: LCB Penalties Inactive
20-46.2 07/29/2020 COVID-19: High-Risk Employees – Workers’ Rights Inactive
20-19 03/18/2020 COVID-19: Moratorium on Evictions Inactive
20-48.11 04/01/2022 COVID-19: Department of Licensing – CDL Health Certificates and Other Requirements Inactive
20-20.12 07/27/2021 COVID-19: Department of Revenue -- Relief from Penalties, Fees, Interest, Due Dates Inactive
20-70.1 07/27/2021 COVID-19: Transportation and Remote Learning for K-12 Student Education Inactive
20-79.1 01/19/2021 COVID-19: Employment Security Department - Lump Sum Retirement Benefits Inactive
20-41.03 05/29/2020 COVID-19: Department of Licensing – License and Permit Renewal Extension Inactive
20-25.2 04/27/2020 COVID-19: Actualizacion de Orden "Quedate en Casa – Mantente Sano" Hasta el 4 de Mayo de 2020 Inactive
21-15 09/03/2021 COVID-19: Transfer or Discharge of Nursing Home Residents - COVID-19 Delta Variant Inactive
18-06 08/01/2018 State of Emergency Inactive
20-63.4 11/10/2020 COVID-19: Department of Social & Health Services - Family Emergency Assistance Program Inactive
20-48.04 07/02/2020 COVID-19: Department of Licensing – CDL Health Certificates and Other Requirements Inactive
21-18 11/15/2021 Severe Weather Damage Inactive
15-04 03/11/2015 State of Emergency (Pierce County) Inactive
14-07 08/01/2014 State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Re-extend Burn Ban) Inactive
20-15.07 09/02/2020 COVID-19: Department of Licensing Inactive
20-19 03/18/2020 COVID-19: Desalojos Inactive
20-15.02 05/05/2020 COVID-19: Department of Licensing Inactive
21-10.1 07/15/2021 Wildfire - burn ban Inactive