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Proclamations are formal public declarations from the governor. Often proclamations declare states of emergency or call the legislature into a special session. Proclamations on this page are unique from the ceremonial proclamations issued by the governor’s office.

Additional COVID-19 reopening guidance for businesses and workers is available here

Number Issued Title Statussort descending
20-41.08 09/02/2020 COVID-19: Department of Licensing – License and Permit Renewal Extension Active
20-65.2 10/02/2020 COVID-19: Long Term Care - Workers, Facilities, and Resources Active
18-06 08/01/2018 State of Emergency Active
20-14 03/16/2020 COVID-19: Reduction of Statewide Limits on Gatherings Active
20-07 03/11/2020 COVID-19 (Spanish) Active
20-38.6 07/31/2020 COVID-19: DSHS - Facilities Active
20-63.2 09/02/2020 COVID-19: Department of Social & Health Services - Family Emergency Assistance Program Active
20-25 03/23/2020 COVID-19: Stay Home, Stay Healthy Active
20-20.4 06/18/2020 Department of Revenue -- Relief from Penalties, Fees, Interest, Due Dates Active
20-51.5 07/02/2020 COVID-19: Community Associations Meetings and Late Fees Active
20-53 05/05/2020 COVID-19: Maintaining Access to the Ballot for All Candidates Active
20-57 05/28/2020 COVID-19: Concerning the Health of Agricultural Workers Active
20-32.9 11/10/2020 COVID-19: Department of Health– Health Care Workers Active
20-06 03/10/2020 COVID-19 Active
20-33 03/26/2020 COVID-19: Departamento de Niños, Jóvenes y Familias - Visitas a Niños y Servicios de Recuperación Active
20-43.1 05/11/2020 COVID-19: Office of Financial Management, State Human Resources Division – Annual Leave and Pay Procedures Active
20-22.5 08/13/2020 COVID-19: Truck Driver Hours Active
20-30.8 10/02/2020 COVID-19: Unemployment Benefit – Job Search Requirement Active
20-40 04/02/2020 COVID-19: Building Code Implementation Dates Active
20-48 04/14/2020 COVID-19: Departamento de Licencias - Certificados de Salud para Licencia de Conducir Comercial (CDL, por sus siglas en inglés) y otros Requisitos Active