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Proclamations are formal public declarations from the Governor. Often proclamations declare states of emergency or call the legislature into a special session. Proclamations on this page are unique from the Ceremonial Proclamations issued by the Governor’s Office.

Numbersort ascending Issued Title Status
20-39 03/31/2020 COVID-19: DRS Post-Retirement Employment Active
20-38 03/30/2020 COVID-19: DSHS Facilities Active
20-37 03/30/2020 COVID-19: DSHS NAR Waiver Active
20-36 03/30/2020 COVID-19: DOH Facilities and Hand Sanitizer Active
20-35 03/30/2020 COVID-19: DOC Community Custody Violations Active
20-34 03/26/2020 COVID-19: SAO Waivers Active
20-33 03/26/2020 COVID-19: Visitation and Remedial Services Active
20-32 03/26/2020 COVID-19: Health care worker licensing Active
20-31 03/26/2020 COVID-19: Childcare, background checks Active
20-30 03/25/2020 COVID-19: ESD Job Requirements Active
20-29 03/25/2020 COVID-19: OIC Active
20-28 03/24/2020 COVID-19: Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act Active
20-27 03/24/2020 COVID-19: Electronic Notary Effective Date Active
20-26 03/24/2020 COVID-19: LCB Penalties Active
20-25 03/23/2020 COVID-19: Stay Home, Stay Healthy Active
20-24 03/19/2020 COVID-19: Restrictions on Non-Urgent Medical Procedures Active
20-23.1 03/24/2020 COVID-19: UTC Ratepayer Assistance Active
20-23 03/18/2020 COVID-19: UTC Waivers Active
20-22 03/18/2020 COVID-19: Truck Driver Hours Active
20-21 03/18/2020 COVID-19: Unemployment Insurance Waiver Active