Appointments to Date

Name Court Appointed Effective Replacingsort descending News Release
Lori K. Smith Court of Appeals, Division I June 28, August 1, Judge Michael Spearman, retiring 06/28/2018
Chad Allred King County Supreme Court May 9, May 12, Judge Michael Trickey, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division I 05/09/2014
John H. Chun Court of Appeals, Division I June 29, September 1, Judge Michael Trickey, retiring 06/29/2018
Aimee Sutton King County Superior Court January 30, February 18, Judge Monica Benton, Retiring 1/30/2019
Julia Garratt King County Superior Court July 16, August 8, Judge Patricia H. Clark, retiring 07/16/2013
David Freeman Whatcom County Superior Court January 28, January 28, Judge Raquel Montoya Lewis, appointed to Washington Supreme Court 01/28/2020
Bernard Veljacic Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 2 December 8, January 1, Judge Rich Melnick, retiring 12/08/2020
J. Michael Diaz King County Superior Court December 22, January 22, Judge Richard McDermott, retiring 12/22/2017
Bernard Veljacic  Clark County Superior Court April 24, May 12, Judge Richard Melnick, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division II 04/28/2014
Gayle M. Harthcock Yakima County Superior Court April 16, May 1, Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division III 04/21/2014
Andrea Robertson King County Superior Court December 23, December 23, Judge Roger Rogoff, resigned 12/23/2020
Beth M. Andrus Court of Appeals, Division I May 4, June 1, Judge Ronald Cox, retiring 05/04/2018
Christopher Melly Clallam County Superior Court December 6, January 2, Judge S. Brooke Taylor, retiring 12/06/2013
Alex Ekstrom Benton and Franklin Counties Superior Court September 8, September 19, Judge Salvador Mendoza, Jr., appointed to US District Court 09/09/2014
Anthony D. Hazel Spokane County Superior Court April 11, May 1, Judge Salvatore "Sam" Cozza, deceased 4/11/2017
Rebecca Pennell Court of Appeals, Division III December 31, January 19, Judge Stephen Brown, retiring 12/31/15
Thad Scudder Cowlitz County Superior Court May 7, September 1, Judge Stephen Warning, retiring 05/07/2020
William Houser Kitsap County Superior Court March 10, April 1, Judge Steven Dixon, appointed to Adams County Superior Court 03/10/2014
Sabrina Ahrens Pierce County Superior Court July 3, September 3, Judge Sue Serko, retiring 07/03/2019
Laura Riquelme Skagit County Superior Court March 1, March 21, Judge Susan Cook, retiring 3/2/2016