Appointments to Date

Namesort descending Court Appointed Effective Replacing News Release
Melissa Hemstreet Kitsap County Superior Court June 30, July 29, Judge Anna Laurie, retiring 06/29/15
Michael R. Scott King County Superior Court March 6, April 2, Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell, retiring 03/06/2018
Michael Ryan King County Superior Court January 10, January 14, Judge Barbara Mack, Retiring 1/10/2019
Michael Schwartz Pierce County Superior Court June 30, August 3, Judge Thomas Larkin, retiring 06/29/15
Michael Trickey Court of Appeals, Division I April 11, May 1, Judge Ken Grosse, retiring 04/11/2014
Michelle A. Adams Kitsap County Superior Court May 7, June 1, Judge Leila Mills, retiring 05/07/2018
Michelle Szambelan Spokane County Superior Court February 20, March 13, Judge Linda Tompkins, retiring 2/20/18
Monty D. Cobb Mason County Superior Court March 7, April 6, Judge Toni Sheldon, retiring 03/08/2018
Nancy Retsinas Clark County Superior Court April 26, July 1, Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, retiring 04/26/2021
Nelson Lee King County Superior Court February 18, February 18, Judge Bill Bowman, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division I 02/18/2020
Patricia Fassett Cowlitz County Superior Court February 28, March 18, Judge Anne Cruser, appointed to COA, Division II 2/28/2019
Paul Thompson Snohomish County Superior Court December 4, January 1, Judge Ellen Fair, Retiring 12/6/2018
Philip Sorensen Pierce County Superior Court March 7, April 1, Judge Linda Lee, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division II 03/07/2014
Rachelle Anderson Spokane County Superior Court December 6, January 1, Judge Ellen Clark, retiring 12/20/2018
Raquel Montoya-Lewis Whatcom County Superior Court December 15, January 16, New Position 12/15/2014
Raquel Montoya-Lewis Washington Supreme Court December 4, January 6, Justice Mary Fairhurst, retiring 12/4/2019
Ray Kahler Grays Harbor County Superior Court November 3, January 1, Judge F. Mark McCauley, retiring 11/3/2017
Raymond Clary Spokane County Superior Court December 24, January 23, Judge Tari S. Eitzen, retiring 12/24/2014
Rebecca Pennell Court of Appeals, Division III December 31, January 19, Judge Stephen Brown, retiring 12/31/15
Richard Melnick Court of Appeals, Division II, District 3 February 14, March 10, Judge Joel M. Penoyar, retiring 02/14/2014