Appointments to Date

Name Court Appointed Effective Replacing News Release
Camara Banfield Clark County Superior Court January 19, January 19, Judge Bernard Veljacic, appointed to the Court of Appeals, Division II 01/19/2021
Andrea Robertson King County Superior Court December 23, December 23, Judge Roger Rogoff, resigned 12/23/2020
Emily Sheldrick Clark County Superior Court December 9, December 9, New Position 12/09/2020
Bernard Veljacic Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 2 December 8, January 1, Judge Rich Melnick, retiring 12/08/2020
Lech Radzimski Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreille County Superior Court June 8, June 11, New Position 06/08/2020
Thad Scudder Cowlitz County Superior Court May 7, September 1, Judge Stephen Warning, retiring 05/07/2020
Susan Adams Pierce County Superior Court May 7, October 1, Judge Helen Whitener, appointed to Washington Supreme Court 05/07/2020
Simon Barnhart Clallam County Superior Court May 7, May 29, Judge Brian Coughenour, retiring 05/07/2020
G. Helen Whitener Washington Supreme Court April 13, April 13, Justice Charles Wiggins, retiring 04/13/2020
Cindi Port King County Superior Court April 1, May 1, Judge John Erlick, retiring 04/01/2020
Elisabeth Tutsch Yakima County Superior Court April 1, May 1, Judge Michael McCarthy, deceased 04/01/2020
Clarence Henderson, Jr. Pierce County Superior Court March 20, March 31, Judge Frank Cuthbertson, retiring 03/20/2020
Matthew Thomas Pierce County Superior Court March 20, October 1, Judge Kathryn Nelson, retiring 03/20/2020
Nelson Lee King County Superior Court February 18, February 18, Judge Bill Bowman, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division I 02/18/2020
David Freeman Whatcom County Superior Court January 28, January 28, Judge Raquel Montoya Lewis, appointed to Washington Supreme Court 01/28/2020
Bill Bowman Court of Appeals, District I January 24, January 24, Judge Ann Schindler, retiring. 01/24/2020
Edirin Okoloko Snohomish County Superior Court January 22, March 1, Judge Linda Krese, retiring 01/22/2020
Raquel Montoya-Lewis Washington Supreme Court December 4, January 6, Justice Mary Fairhurst, retiring 12/4/2019
Alicia Burton Pierce County Superior Court November 16, January 16, Judge John Hickman, retiring 11/16/2019
David Whedbee King County Superior Court August 20, September 3, Judge Timothy Bradshaw, retiring 08/20/2019