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Appointments to Date

Name Court Appointed Effective Replacingsort descending News Release
Roger Rogoff King County Superior Court December 16, January 6, Judge Deborah Fleck, retiring 12/17/2013
George B. Fearing Court of Appeals, Division III, District 2 May 20, June 24, Judge Dennis J. Sweeney, retiring 05/20/2013
Suzan L. Clark Clark County Superior Court May 6, May 13, Judge Diane M. Woolard, retiring 05/06/2013
Kathryn Loring San Juan County Superior Court November 3, January 1, Judge Donald Eaton, retiring 11/3/2017
Donald Richter Pacific/Wahkiakum County Superior Court December 18, December 31, Judge Doug Goelz, Retiring 12/18/2018
Rachelle Anderson Spokane County Superior Court December 6, January 1, Judge Ellen Clark, retiring 12/20/2018
Paul Thompson Snohomish County Superior Court December 4, January 1, Judge Ellen Fair, Retiring 12/6/2018
Lauren Erickson Clallam County Superior Court January 8, January 31, Judge Erik Roher, elected to Forks District Court 1/8/2019
David G. Estudillo Grant County Superior Court August 19, September 14, Judge Evan E. Sperline, retiring 08/19/15
Ray Kahler Grays Harbor County Superior Court November 3, January 1, Judge F. Mark McCauley, retiring 11/3/2017
Clarence Henderson, Jr. Pierce County Superior Court March 20, March 31, Judge Frank Cuthbertson, retiring 03/20/2020
Edirin Okoloko Snohomish County Superior Court September 11, October 1, Judge George Bowden, retiring 09/11/2018
Brian Coughenour Clallam County Superior Court May 14, June 1, Judge George L. Wood, retiring 05/14/2015
Stephen Brown Grays Harbor County Superior Court October 8, October 13, Judge Gordon Godfrey, retiring 10/08/2014
Veronica Alicea-Galvan King County Superior Court December 19, January 22, Judge Gregory Canova, retiring 12/19/2014
Marshall L. Ferguson King County Superior Court July 3, July 23, Judge Helen Halpert, retiring 07/23/2018
Susan Adams Pierce County Superior Court May 7, October 1, Judge Helen Whitener, appointed to Washington Supreme Court 05/07/2020
Karen M. Donohue King County Superior Court January 17, March 5, Judge Hollis Hill, retiring 1/17/2018
Robert E. Olson Whatcom County Superior Court August 7, September 14, Judge Ira Uhrig, deceased 08/08/2018
Lisa Sutton Court of Appeals, Division II July 22, October 1, Judge J. Robin Hunt, retiring 07/22/2014