Appointments to Date

Namesort descending Court Appointed Effective Replacing News Release
Chad Allred King County Supreme Court May 9, May 12, Judge Michael Trickey, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division I 05/09/2014
Charnelle Bjeklengren Spokane County Superior Court April 8, May 1, Judge James Triplet, deceased 4/10/2019
Christopher Melly Clallam County Superior Court December 6, January 2, Judge S. Brooke Taylor, retiring 12/06/2013
Cindi Port King County Superior Court April 1, May 1, Judge John Erlick, retiring 04/01/2020
Clarence Henderson, Jr. Pierce County Superior Court March 20, March 31, Judge Frank Cuthbertson, retiring 03/20/2020
Daniel Goodell Mason County Superior Court November 19, January 1, New Position 11/19/2014
David Freeman Whatcom County Superior Court January 28, January 28, Judge Raquel Montoya Lewis, appointed to Washington Supreme Court 01/28/2020
David G. Estudillo Grant County Superior Court August 19, September 14, Judge Evan E. Sperline, retiring 08/19/15
David S. Mann Court of Appeals, Division I July 11, August 16, Judge Linda Lau, retiring 7/11/16
David Steiner King County Superior Court March 28, April 16, Judge Cheryl Carey, Retiring 3/28/2019
David Whedbee King County Superior Court August 20, September 3, Judge Timothy Bradshaw, retiring 08/20/2019
Derek Vanderwood Clark County Superior Court January 23, February 23, Judge John Nichols, retiring 01/23/2015
Donald Richter Pacific/Wahkiakum County Superior Court December 18, December 31, Judge Doug Goelz, Retiring 12/18/2018
Edirin Okoloko Snohomish County Superior Court January 22, March 1, Judge Linda Krese, retiring 01/22/2020
Edirin Okoloko Snohomish County Superior Court September 11, October 1, Judge George Bowden, retiring 09/11/2018
Elisabeth Tutsch Yakima County Superior Court April 1, May 1, Judge Michael McCarthy, deceased 04/01/2020
Emily Sheldrick Clark County Superior Court December 9, December 9, New Position 12/09/2020
Erik Price Thurston County Superior Court September 13, September 30, Judge Lisa L. Sutton, retiring 09/13/2021
G. Helen Whitener Pierce County Superior Court January 6, January 13, Judge John McCarthy, retiring 01/06/2015
G. Helen Whitener Washington Supreme Court April 13, April 13, Justice Charles Wiggins, retiring 04/13/2020