Appointments to Date

Namesort descending Court Appointed Effective Replacing News Release
Gayle M. Harthcock Yakima County Superior Court April 16, May 1, Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey, appointed to Court of Appeals, Division III 04/21/2014
George B. Fearing Court of Appeals, Division III, District 2 May 20, June 24, Judge Dennis J. Sweeney, retiring 05/20/2013
Gretchen Leanderson Pierce County Superior Court November 7, December 4, Judge Thomas Felnagle, retiring 11/07/2014
Indu Thomas Thurston County Superior Court September 24, November 1, New Position 09/24/2021
J. Michael Diaz King County Superior Court December 22, January 22, Judge Richard McDermott, retiring 12/22/2017
Jackie Shea Brown Benton/Franklin County Superior Court October 5, October 16, New Position 10/05/15
Jacqueline Stam Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court July 9, July 30, Judge Carrie L. Runge, retiring 07/09/2021
Janet Helson King County Superior Court March 11, May 1, Judge Kimberley Prochnau, retiring 03/11/2015
Jason Poydras King County Superior Court July 8, July 8, Judge Susan Craighead, retiring 07/08/2021
Jeffrey Bassett Kitsap County Superior Court February 9, February 26, Judge Jay Roof, retiring 2/9/16
Jennifer Andrews Pierce County Superior Court August 10, September 15, Judge Stephanie Arend, retiring 08/10/2021
Jennifer R. Langbehn Snohomish County Superior Court May 4, June 1, Judge Michael Downes, retiring 05/04/2018
Jennifer Snider Clark County Superior Court April 23, May 9, Judge James Rulli, Retiring 4/23/2019
Johanna Bender King County Superior Court October 28, December 1, Judge Carol Schapira, retiring 11/02/15
John Chun King County Superior Court December 16, January 6, Judge Michael Hayden, retiring 12/17/2013
John Fairgrieve Clark County Superior Court March 18, April 20, Judge Barbara Johnson, retiring 03/18/2015
John H. Chun Court of Appeals, Division I June 29, September 1, Judge Michael Trickey, retiring 06/29/2018
John Ruhl King County Superior Court March 7, April 1, Judge Jay White, retiring 03/07/2014
Joseph Evans Pierce County Superior Court August 10, November 1, Judge Elizabeth Martin, retiring 08/10/2021
Josephine Wiggs-Martin King County Superior Court March 20, April 1, Judge Wesley Saint Clair, Retiring 3/20/2019