Appointments to Date

Name Court Appointed Effectivesort descending Replacing News Release
Michael Schwartz Pierce County Superior Court June 30, August 3, Judge Thomas Larkin, retiring 06/29/15
David G. Estudillo Grant County Superior Court August 19, September 14, Judge Evan E. Sperline, retiring 08/19/15
Jackie Shea Brown Benton/Franklin County Superior Court October 5, October 16, New Position 10/05/15
Johanna Bender King County Superior Court October 28, December 1, Judge Carol Schapira, retiring 11/02/15
Rebecca Pennell Court of Appeals, Division III December 31, January 19, Judge Stephen Brown, retiring 12/31/15
Julie McKay Spokane County Superior Court January 28, February 8, Judge Kathleen O’Connor, retiring 1/28/16
Jeffrey Bassett Kitsap County Superior Court February 9, February 26, Judge Jay Roof, retiring 2/9/16
Laura Riquelme Skagit County Superior Court March 1, March 21, Judge Susan Cook, retiring 3/2/2016
David S. Mann Court of Appeals, Division I July 11, August 16, Judge Linda Lau, retiring 7/11/16
Kevin S. Naught Yakima County Superior Court February 13, February 14, Judge Susan Hahn, retiring 2/13/17
Anthony D. Hazel Spokane County Superior Court April 11, May 1, Judge Salvatore "Sam" Cozza, deceased 4/11/2017
Laura Riquelme Skagit County Superior Court June 26, July 10, Judge Michael Rickert, retiring 6/26/2017
Anne Cruser Cowlitz County Superior Court September 10, September 16, New Position 8/10/2017
Samuel Swanberg Benton/Franklin County Superior Court August 10, October 2, Judge Vic VanderSchoor, retiring 8/10/2017
Kathryn Loring San Juan County Superior Court November 3, January 1, Judge Donald Eaton, retiring 11/3/2017
Ray Kahler Grays Harbor County Superior Court November 3, January 1, Judge F. Mark McCauley, retiring 11/3/2017
Kristin M. Ferrera Chelan County Superior Court December 22, January 8, Judge Alicia Nakata, retiring 12/22/2017
J. Michael Diaz King County Superior Court December 22, January 22, Judge Richard McDermott, retiring 12/22/2017
Robert B.C. McSeveney Chelan County Superior Court January 19, February 1, Judge T. W. Small, retiring 1/22/2018
Karen M. Donohue King County Superior Court January 17, March 5, Judge Hollis Hill, retiring 1/17/2018