Appointments to Date

Name Courtsort descending Appointed Effective Replacing News Release
Steven Dixon Adams County Superior Court December 20, January 1, Judge Brian Miller, deceased 12/20/2013
Scott Gallina Asotin, Columbia, and Garfield County Superior Courts May 9, May 12, Judge William D. Acey, retiring 05/09/2014
Diana Ruff Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court June 7, July 1, Judge Alex Ekstrom 6/7/22
Jacqueline Stam Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court July 9, July 30, Judge Carrie L. Runge, retiring 07/09/2021
Norma Rodriguez Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court February 16, March 11, Judge Cameron Mitchell 2/16/22
Salvador Mendoza, Jr. Benton and Franklin Counties Superior April 19, May 6, Judge Craig Matheson, retired 04/23/2013
Alex Ekstrom Benton and Franklin Counties Superior Court September 8, September 19, Judge Salvador Mendoza, Jr., appointed to US District Court 09/09/2014
Jackie Shea Brown Benton/Franklin County Superior Court October 5, October 16, New Position 10/05/15
Samuel Swanberg Benton/Franklin County Superior Court August 10, October 2, Judge Vic VanderSchoor, retiring 8/10/2017
Robert Jourdan Chelan County Superior Court June 4, June 30, Judge Lesley A. Allan, retiring 06/04/2021
Kristin M. Ferrera Chelan County Superior Court December 22, January 8, Judge Alicia Nakata, retiring 12/22/2017
Robert B.C. McSeveney Chelan County Superior Court January 19, February 1, Judge T. W. Small, retiring 1/22/2018
W. Brent Basden Clallam County Superior Court November 14, January 1, Judge Christopher Melly, retiring 11/15/2018
Simon Barnhart Clallam County Superior Court May 7, May 29, Judge Brian Coughenour, retiring 05/07/2020
Lauren Erickson Clallam County Superior Court January 8, January 31, Judge Erik Roher, elected to Forks District Court 1/8/2019
Christopher Melly Clallam County Superior Court December 6, January 2, Judge S. Brooke Taylor, retiring 12/06/2013
Brian Coughenour Clallam County Superior Court May 14, June 1, Judge George L. Wood, retiring 05/14/2015
Tsering Cornell Clark County Superior Court May 11, June 30, Judge Scott Collier 5/11/22
Emily Sheldrick Clark County Superior Court December 9, December 9, New Position 12/09/2020
Camara Banfield Clark County Superior Court January 19, January 19, Judge Bernard Veljacic, appointed to the Court of Appeals, Division II 01/19/2021