Appointments to Date

Name Court Appointed Effective Replacing News Release
Jacqueline Stam Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court July 9, July 30, Judge Carrie L. Runge, retiring 07/09/2021
Matthew Segal King County Superior Court July 9, July 9, Judge Julie Spector, retiring 07/09/2021
Jason Poydras King County Superior Court July 8, July 8, Judge Susan Craighead, retiring 07/08/2021
Robert Jourdan Chelan County Superior Court June 4, June 30, Judge Lesley A. Allan, retiring 06/04/2021
Karen Moore Snohomish County Superior Court May 12, May 31, Judge David Kurtz, retiring 05/12/2021
Nancy Retsinas Clark County Superior Court April 26, July 1, Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, retiring 04/26/2021
André Peñalver Pierce County Superior Court April 16, April 16, New Position 04/16/2021
Tyson Hill Grant County Superior Court April 15, April 16, Judge John Antosz, resigning 04/15/2021
Camara Banfield Clark County Superior Court January 19, January 19, Judge Bernard Veljacic, appointed to the Court of Appeals, Division II 01/19/2021
Andrea Robertson King County Superior Court December 23, December 23, Judge Roger Rogoff, resigned 12/23/2020
Emily Sheldrick Clark County Superior Court December 9, December 9, New Position 12/09/2020
Bernard Veljacic Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 2 December 8, January 1, Judge Rich Melnick, retiring 12/08/2020
Lech Radzimski Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreille County Superior Court June 8, June 11, New Position 06/08/2020
Simon Barnhart Clallam County Superior Court May 7, May 29, Judge Brian Coughenour, retiring 05/07/2020
Thad Scudder Cowlitz County Superior Court May 7, September 1, Judge Stephen Warning, retiring 05/07/2020
Susan Adams Pierce County Superior Court May 7, October 1, Judge Helen Whitener, appointed to Washington Supreme Court 05/07/2020
G. Helen Whitener Washington Supreme Court April 13, April 13, Justice Charles Wiggins, retiring 04/13/2020
Cindi Port King County Superior Court April 1, May 1, Judge John Erlick, retiring 04/01/2020
Elisabeth Tutsch Yakima County Superior Court April 1, May 1, Judge Michael McCarthy, deceased 04/01/2020
Clarence Henderson, Jr. Pierce County Superior Court March 20, March 31, Judge Frank Cuthbertson, retiring 03/20/2020