Executive Orders Archive

Number Title Status Governorsort ascending
80-17 Collocation of State Offices

Terminated by 83-20

Dixy Lee Ray
94-04 Coordinated watershed planning, implementation and restoration for Fish & Wildlife

Rescinded by 97-04 (PDF)

Mike Lowry
72-04 State vehicle driver permits

Rescinded by 76-01 (PDF)

Daniel J. Evans
85-07 Establishing the Advisory Council on Education Funding

Rescinded by 97-04

Booth Gardner
71-01a Employee-employer relations

Abolished by 78-06 (PDF)

Daniel J. Evans
83-07 Establishing the Governor's committee on employment of the handicapped

Superseded by 87-01 and Rescinded by 97-04 (PDF)s

John Spellman