Executive Orders Archive

Number Title Status Governorsort descending
83-01 Establishing policies for minority and women's business enterprises

Rescinded by 97-04 (PDF)

John Spellman
94-10 Establishing the Governor's Telecommunications Policy Coordination Task Force

Rescinded 09-02 

Mike Lowry
82-14 Ordering Reductions of Allotments

Superseded and Terminated by 82-25 (PDF)

John Spellman
82-02 Establishment of boundaries, entry, occupancy rules, and the administration of restricted zones surrounding Mt. St. Helens

Superseded by 82-03 (PDF)

John Spellman
81-20 Approval of remodeling and renovation plans

Rescinded by 97-04 (PDF)

John Spellman
70-04 Aerial search and rescue for lost party


Daniel J. Evans