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Directives are issued by the Governor, usually to a specific agency or set of agencies, directing a certain action be taken.

Number Issued Title Statussort descending
19-05 04/24/2019 Child Care Professional Development Requirements Active
20-09 06/22/2020 COVID-19: Annual Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Updates Active
20-05 05/13/2020 COVID-19: Freezing Hiring, Personal Services Contracts, and Equipment Purchases Active
16-06 05/02/2016 Assisting Community and Agency Responses to Lead in Water Systems Active
20-17 12/17/2020 Proclamation Enforcement during the COVID-19 Emergency Active
16-01 01/11/2016 Providing Accountability for State Systems Responsible for Critical Functionality Active
20-08 06/17/2020 Furloughs and General Wage Increases Active
17-11 11/03/2017 Formation of a Health Sub-Cabinet to integrate physical and behavioral health and address mental health and the opioid use crisis Active
20-03 04/02/2020 COVID-19: Compra de Equipo de Protección Personal (EPP) Active
19-18 12/19/2019 Environmental Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Active
20-16 12/04/2020 Lowering of the Washington State and United States Flags (Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day) Active
16-11 06/23/2016 LGBTQ Inclusion and Safe Place Initiative Active
20-03 04/02/2020 COVID-19: PPE Purchasing Active
13-02 03/21/2013 Continuity of Government Operations Preparation Active
20-05.1 11/20/2020 Hiring Freeze, Personal Services Contracts, and Equipment Purchases Active
13-12 06/28/2013 Modernizing the Certificate of Need Process and Ensuring Greater Consumer Transparency with Regard to Health Care Facility Actions and Policies Active
15-03 05/15/2015 SHB 1586 - Royal Slope Railroad Active
20-02 03/26/2020 COVID-19: DCYF Visitation Directive Active
17-01 01/25/2017 Interagency Work Group on Youth Homelessness Active
18-13 09/28/2018 Hepatitis C Elimination Active