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Bill Action Taken

Bill Numbersort descending Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1075 House Relating to the number of Puget Sound Dungeness crab fishery licenses that one vessel may be designated to carry. Signed Sun, May. 19, 2013
1075 House Relating to consumer competitive group insurance. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1076 House Relating to expanding participation in innovation academy cooperatives. Signed Thu, May. 9, 2013
1077 House Relating to credit for reinsurance. Signed Thu, Apr. 23, 2015
1078 House Relating to enhancing the protection of consumer financial information. Signed Thu, Apr. 23, 2015
1078 House Relating to restoring voter eligibility for all persons convicted of a felony offense who are not in total confinement under the jurisdiction of the department of corrections. Signed Wed, Apr. 7, 2021
1079 House Relating to no-contact orders for human trafficking and promoting prostitution-related offenses. Signed Fri, May. 5, 2017
1080 House Relating to state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Signed Fri, Jan. 19, 2018
1080 House Relating to the capital budget. Signed Tue, May. 18, 2021
1083 House Relating to providing greater certainty in association with selling city-owned property used for off-street parking. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1083 House Relating to relocation assistance for tenants of closed or converted manufactured/mobile home parks. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1085 House Relating to regulation of the minimum dimensions of habitable spaces in single-family residential buildings. Signed / Partial Veto Wed, Mar. 28, 2018
1085 House Relating to promoting a safe learning environment for students with seizure disorders. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1086 House Relating to promoting the completion of environmental impact statements within two years. Signed Tue, May. 16, 2017
1086 House Relating to the creation of the state office of behavioral health consumer advocacy. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1087 House Relating to long-term services and supports. Signed Mon, May. 13, 2019
1087 House Relating to clarifying the continuity of employee family and medical leave rights. Signed Fri, Apr. 16, 2021
1088 House Relating to per diem compensation for flood control zone district supervisors. Signed Wed, May. 6, 2015
1088 House Relating to potential impeachment disclosures. Signed Tue, May. 18, 2021
1089 House Relating to compliance audits of requirements relating to peace officers and law enforcement agencies. Signed Tue, May. 18, 2021
1090 House Relating to increasing the dollar amount for construction of a dock that does not qualify as a substantial development under the shoreline management act. Signed Mon, Mar. 17, 2014
1090 House Relating to reauthorizing and expanding the financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program. Signed Thu, Apr. 23, 2015
1090 House Relating to private, for-profit detention facilities. Signed Wed, Apr. 14, 2021
1091 House Relating to the unauthorized interference of ticket sales over the internet. Signed Tue, Apr. 28, 2015
1091 House Relating to solemnizing marriages. Signed Thu, Apr. 27, 2017