Bill Action

Bill action ceremonies will not be open to the general public. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Actionsort descending Signed Date
5287 Senate Relating to eliminating accounts and funds. Signed Tue, May. 14, 2013
5296 Senate Relating to the model toxics control act. Signed Thu, Jun. 13, 2013
5297 Senate Relating to coal transition power. Signed Mon, May. 6, 2013
5302 Senate Relating to credit unions' corporate governance and investments. Signed Sun, Apr. 21, 2013
5305 Senate Relating to requiring hospitals to report when providing treatment for bullet wounds, gunshot wounds, and stab wounds to all patients. Signed Tue, May. 14, 2013
5308 Senate Relating to establishing the commercially sexually exploited children statewide coordinating committee. Signed Tue, May. 14, 2013
5315 Senate Relating to the implementation of the recommendations made by the Powell fatality team. Signed Tue, May. 14, 2013
5316 Senate Relating to adopting a model policy to require a third person to be present during interviews. Signed Mon, Apr. 22, 2013
5324 Senate Relating to mosquito abatement in storm water control retention ponds. Signed Thu, May. 9, 2013
5329 Senate Relating to transforming persistently failing schools. Signed Mon, May. 6, 2013
5332 Senate Relating to voter-approved benefit charges for fire protection districts. Signed Mon, Apr. 22, 2013
5337 Senate Relating to expiration dates affecting the department of natural resources' timber sale program. Signed Tue, May. 14, 2013
5343 Senate Relating to the rights of higher education students involved in military service. Signed Wed, May. 15, 2013
5344 Senate Relating to revising state statutes concerning trusts. Signed Wed, May. 15, 2013
5352 Senate Relating to the real estate agency relationship. Signed Mon, Apr. 22, 2013
5355 Senate Relating to implementing the unemployment insurance integrity provisions of the federal trade adjustment assistance extension act of 2011. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2013
5359 Senate Relating to mandatory reporting of child abuse or neglect by supervised persons. Signed Wed, May. 15, 2013
5362 Senate Relating to recommendations of the vocational rehabilitation subcommittee for workers' compensation. Signed Mon, May. 20, 2013
5367 Senate Relating to Yakima river basin water resource management. Signed Sat, Jun. 29, 2013
5369 Senate Relating to the use of geothermal resources. Signed Wed, May. 15, 2013
5389 Senate Relating to sibling visitation or contact for children in foster care. Signed Mon, May. 20, 2013
5396 Senate Relating to limited on-premise spirits sampling. Signed Mon, May. 13, 2013
5399 Senate Relating to the timing of penalties under the growth management act. Signed Wed, May. 15, 2013
5400 Senate Relating to allowing utilities serving customers in Washington and in other states to use eligible renewable resources in their other states to comply with chapter 19.285 RCW, the energy independence act. Signed Mon, Apr. 22, 2013
5405 Senate Relating to extended foster care services. Signed Mon, May. 20, 2013