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We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Numbersort descending Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
6162 Senate Relating to the expiration date of the invasive species council and account. Vetoed Thu, Mar. 10, 2016
6162 Senate Relating to defining dyslexia as a specific learning disability and requiring early screening for dyslexia. Signed Thu, Mar. 15, 2018
6163 Senate Relating to expanded learning opportunities. Signed Thu, Apr. 3, 2014
6163 Senate Relating to extending the duration of the collaborative for the advancement of telemedicine. Signed Fri, Mar. 23, 2018
6164 Senate Relating to prosecutorial discretion to seek resentencing. Signed Fri, Mar. 27, 2020
6165 Senate Relating to short-barreled rifles. Signed Fri, Apr. 1, 2016
6166 Senate Relating to allowing incremental electricity produced as a result of certain capital investment projects to qualify as an eligible renewable resource under the energy independence act. Vetoed Fri, Apr. 1, 2016
6168 Senate Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto Fri, Apr. 3, 2020
6170 Senate Relating to plumbing. Signed Wed, Mar. 25, 2020
6170 Senate Relating to an exemption from disclosure of certain financial, commercial, and proprietary information submitted to or obtained by a city retirement board on behalf of its employees' retirement system. Vetoed Thu, Mar. 10, 2016
6171 Senate Relating to civil penalties for knowing attendance by a member of a governing body at a meeting held in violation of the open public meetings act. Signed Tue, Mar. 29, 2016
6175 Senate Relating to the Washington uniform common interest ownership act. Signed Tue, Mar. 27, 2018
6177 Senate Relating to the marijuana research license. Vetoed Thu, Mar. 10, 2016
6179 Senate Relating to water banking. Signed Fri, Apr. 1, 2016
6179 Senate Relating to the annual reporting requirements for regulated utility and transportation companies. Signed Thu, Mar. 15, 2018
6180 Senate Relating to consolidating designated forest lands and open space timber lands for ease of administration. Signed Fri, Mar. 28, 2014
6180 Senate Relating to juvenile sex offense registration waivers under the special sexual offender disposition alternative. Signed Tue, Mar. 31, 2020
6180 Senate Relating to defining the planting and harvest dates for purposes of exemptions for agricultural transporters. Signed Fri, Mar. 9, 2018
6181 Senate Relating to crime victims' compensation. Signed Thu, Apr. 2, 2020
6187 Senate Relating to modifying the definition of personal information for notifying the public about data breaches of a state or local agency system. Signed Wed, Mar. 18, 2020
6188 Senate Relating to fairness in disciplinary actions of peace officers who appear on a prosecuting attorney's potential impeachment list. Signed Fri, Mar. 23, 2018
6189 Senate Relating to school employees' benefits board coverage. Signed Tue, Mar. 17, 2020
6190 Senate Relating to preserving the developmental disabilities community trust. Signed Tue, Mar. 31, 2020
6191 Senate Relating to assessing the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in middle and high school students to inform decision making and improve services. Signed Tue, Mar. 31, 2020
6194 Senate Relating to public schools that are not common schools. Sun, Apr. 3, 2016