Bill Action

We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chambersort ascending Description Governor's Action Signed Date
5292 Senate Relating to protecting children and youth from powdered alcohol. Signed Thu, May. 7, 2015
5293 Senate Relating to preserving the use of hydrocodone products by licensed optometrists in Washington state. Signed Sat, Apr. 25, 2015
5294 Senate Relating to school library information and technology programs. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
5296 Senate Relating to locksmith services. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
5297 Senate Relating to updating and clarifying statutory provisions within the commercial vehicle registration and fuel tax administrative systems. Signed Mon, May. 11, 2015
5299 Senate Relating to updating, clarifying, and strengthening department of financial institutions' enforcement, licensing, and examination statutes relating to residential mortgage lending, and enhancing the crime of mortgage fraud in the residential mortgage lending process. Signed Mon, May. 11, 2015
5300 Senate Relating to updating the department of financial institutions' regulatory enforcement powers regarding credit unions and organizations providing services to credit unions. Signed Sat, Apr. 25, 2015
5302 Senate Relating to the prudent investor rule for Washington state trusts, delegation of trustee duties by trustees of a Washington state trust, and standards for authorization and treatment of statutory trust advisors and directed trustees incident to the establishment of Washington state directed trusts. Signed Sat, Apr. 25, 2015
5307 Senate Relating to deficit reimbursement agreements with counties owning and operating ferry systems. Signed Mon, May. 11, 2015
5310 Senate Relating to enforcement actions at facilities sited by the energy facility site evaluation council. Signed Tue, Jul. 14, 2015
5311 Senate Relating to requiring crisis intervention training for peace officers. Signed Fri, Apr. 24, 2015
5314 Senate Relating to the use of local storm water charges paid by the department of transportation. Signed Mon, May. 11, 2015
5315 Senate Relating to aligning functions of the consolidated technology services agency, office of the chief information officer, office of financial management, and department of enterprise services. Signed Tue, Jun. 30, 2015
5317 Senate Relating to increasing child health equity by requiring screening for autism and developmental delays for children in medical assistance programs. Signed Wed, Jun. 10, 2015
5322 Senate Relating to conservation districts' rates and charges. Signed Fri, Apr. 24, 2015
5328 Senate Relating to disseminating financial aid information. Signed Fri, May. 8, 2015
5337 Senate Relating to per diem rates for port district officers and employees. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
5346 Senate Relating to providing first responders with contact information for subscribers of personal emergency response services during an emergency. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
5348 Senate Relating to contracts providing for the joint utilization of architectural or engineering services. Signed Mon, May. 11, 2015
5353 Senate Relating to marketing opportunities for spirits produced in Washington by craft and general licensed distilleries. Signed Thu, May. 7, 2015
5355 Senate Relating to modifying the definition of resident student to comply with federal requirements established by the veterans access, choice, and accountability act of 2014. Signed Mon, Jul. 6, 2015
5362 Senate Relating to the regulation of passenger charter and excursion carriers. Signed Mon, May. 11, 2015
5381 Senate Relating to creating a protocol for the return of firearms in the possession of law enforcement agencies. Signed Tue, Apr. 28, 2015
5387 Senate Relating to uniformity in common provisions governing business organizations and other entities. Signed Wed, May. 6, 2015
5404 Senate Relating to homeless youth prevention and protection. Signed Fri, Apr. 24, 2015