Bill Action

We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

No bill action scheduled at this time.


Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chambersort descending Description Governor's Action Signed Date
5030 Senate Relating to developing comprehensive school counseling programs. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5031 Senate Relating to a community aviation revitalization loan program. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5034 Senate Relating to nonprofit corporations. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5063 Senate Relating to the expiration date of the invasive species council. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5080 Senate Relating to providing flexibility in the distribution and use of local funds dedicated to facilities used for youth educational programming. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5124 Senate Relating to the practice of colon hydrotherapy. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5133 Senate Relating to the definition of confidential employee for the purposes of state collective bargaining. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5145 Senate Relating to the prevention of seabed mining of hard minerals. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5146 Senate Relating to authorizing the fish and wildlife commission to indemnify the federal government as a condition of securing certain funds. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5158 Senate Relating to utility wildland fire prevention advisory committee. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5159 Senate Relating to payments in lieu of real property taxes by the department of fish and wildlife. Signed / Partial Veto Mon, May. 3, 2021
5230 Senate Relating to agreements for allocation of groundwater resulting from bureau of reclamation project operations. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5258 Senate Relating to consumer directed employers. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5287 Senate Relating to affordable housing incentives. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5295 Senate Relating to transforming the regulation of gas and electrical companies toward multiyear rate plans and performance-based rate making. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5367 Senate Relating to directing the department of retirement systems to create rules regarding automatic refunds of retirement contributions in the retirement systems listed in RCW 41.50.030. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5403 Senate Relating to the interagency, multijurisdictional system improvement team. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5452 Senate Relating to electric-assisted bicycles. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5454 Senate Relating to providing property tax relief to Washington citizens who lost their homes in the labor day fires. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5460 Senate Relating to implementing recommendations of the autonomous vehicle work group. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
5096 Senate Relating to enacting an excise tax on gains from the sale or exchange of certain capital assets. Signed Tue, May. 4, 2021
5044 Senate Relating to equity, cultural competency, and dismantling institutional racism in the public school system. Signed Wed, May. 5, 2021
5237 Senate Relating to expanding accessible, affordable child care and early childhood development programs. Signed Fri, May. 7, 2021
5008 Senate Relating to extending the business and occupation tax exemption for amounts received as credits against contracts with or funds provided by the Bonneville power administration and used for low-income ratepayer assistance and weatherization. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
5011 Senate Relating to notice, meeting, and voting provisions for common interest communities, condominiums, and homeowners' associations. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021