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Bill Action Taken

Bill Numbersort ascending Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
6093 Senate Relating to allowing valid portable background check clearance cards issued by the department of early learning to be used by certain educational employees and their contractors for purposes of their background check requirements. Signed Wed, Mar. 19, 2014
6092 Senate Relating to providing funding for certain commissioned court marshals of county sheriff's offices to be added to the definition of uniformed personnel for the purposes of public employees' collective bargaining. Signed Thu, Jul. 9, 2015
6091 Senate Relating to continuing the work of the Washington food policy forum. Signed Tue, Mar. 31, 2020
6091 Senate Relating to the definition of slayer. Signed Fri, Apr. 1, 2016
6091 Senate Relating to ensuring that water is available to support development. Signed Fri, Jan. 19, 2018
6090 Senate Relating to limiting fire protection service agency liability for the installation of detection devices. Signed Wed, Mar. 25, 2020
6090 Senate Relating to the capital budget. Signed / Partial Veto Fri, Jan. 19, 2018
6089 Senate Relating to health benefit exchange sustainability. Signed Mon, Jul. 6, 2015
6088 Senate Relating to establishing a prescription drug affordability board. Vetoed Fri, Apr. 3, 2020
6087 Senate Relating to cost-sharing requirements for coverage of insulin products. Signed Tue, Mar. 31, 2020
6087 Senate Relating to the Washington higher education tuition payment and college savings programs. Signed Thu, Mar. 22, 2018
6086 Senate Relating to reducing PCBs in products purchased by agencies. Signed Fri, Mar. 28, 2014
6086 Senate Relating to increasing access to medications for people with opioid use disorder. Signed Tue, Mar. 31, 2020
6084 Senate Relating to circular intersections. Signed Fri, Mar. 27, 2020
6080 Senate Relating to financing public school facilities necessary to support state-funded all-day kindergarten and class size reduction in kindergarten through third grade. Signed Tue, Jul. 14, 2015
6078 Senate Relating to recognizing "Native American Heritage Day". Signed Wed, Apr. 2, 2014
6078 Senate Relating to clarifying reimbursement for certain clean-up or removal actions by fire protection jurisdictions. Signed Fri, Mar. 27, 2020
6074 Senate Relating to improving educational outcomes for homeless students. Signed Thu, Apr. 3, 2014
6074 Senate Relating to reauthorizing and expanding the financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program. Signed Wed, Mar. 18, 2020
6073 Senate Relating to adjusting assessments levied on hardwood processors. Signed Thu, Mar. 15, 2018
6072 Senate Relating to dividing the state wildlife account into the fish, wildlife, and conservation account and the limited fish and wildlife account. Signed Wed, Mar. 25, 2020
6069 Senate Relating to community custody conditions for sex offenders. Signed Mon, Mar. 17, 2014
6068 Senate Relating to sales and use tax exemptions for large private airplanes. Signed Thu, Apr. 2, 2020
6068 Senate Relating to the applicability of nondisclosure agreements in civil actions for sexual harassment or assault. Signed Wed, Mar. 21, 2018
6066 Senate Relating to ethnic studies materials and resources for public school students in grades kindergarten through six. Signed Wed, Mar. 18, 2020