Bill Action

We cannot hold public bill signings at this time due to the extraordinary circumstances to protect the public’s health. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW

Bill Action Scheduled

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Bill Action Taken

Bill Numbersort descending Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1128 House Relating to civil arbitration. Signed Tue, Mar. 13, 2018
1129 House Relating to ferry vessel replacement. Signed Thu, Mar. 27, 2014
1129 House Relating to the licensure of international medical graduates. Signed Mon, May. 10, 2021
1130 House Relating to the redemption of impounded vehicles. Signed Mon, May. 6, 2013
1130 House Relating to water power license fees. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2016
1130 House Relating to making the customized training program permanent. Signed Mon, Apr. 17, 2017
1130 House Relating to language access in public schools. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1131 House Relating to the emergency waiver of instructional hours and days at private schools. Signed Tue, Mar. 2, 2021
1132 House Relating to the regulation of adult family homes. Signed Thu, Apr. 23, 2015
1133 House Relating to limiting the uses of the fire protection contractor license fund. Signed Tue, Mar. 13, 2018
1133 House Relating to limiting liability for registered apiarists. Signed Tue, May. 7, 2019
1134 House Relating to state-tribal education compact schools. Signed Tue, May. 14, 2013
1136 House Relating to exempting short-line railroads that haul nonfuel oils from oil spill contingency planning requirements. Signed Mon, May. 8, 2017
1137 House Relating to national guard pay in state active service for wildland fire response duty. Signed Fri, Apr. 19, 2019
1137 House Relating to elevating road maintenance and preservation in transportation planning. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
1138 House Relating to creating a task force on mental health and suicide prevention in higher education. Signed Thu, Apr. 23, 2015
1138 House Relating to the armed forces exceptions for giving notice of termination of tenancy. Signed Wed, Apr. 17, 2019
1139 House Relating to expanding the current and future educator workforce supply through evidence-based strategies to improve and incentivize the recruitment and retention of highly effective educators, especially in high-need subject, grade-level, and geographic areas, and to establish a cohesive continuum of high quality professional learning from preparation programs to job embedded induction, mentoring, collaboration, and other professional development opportunities. Signed / Partial Veto Wed, May. 8, 2019
1139 House Relating to taking action to address lead in school drinking water. Signed Mon, May. 3, 2021
1140 House Relating to judicial stabilization trust account surcharges. Signed Fri, Jun. 30, 2017
1140 House Relating to juvenile access to attorneys when contacted by law enforcement. Signed Tue, May. 18, 2021
1141 House Relating to establishing a water pollution control revolving loan administration charge. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2013
1143 House Relating to authorizing the placement of water rights banked pursuant to RCW 90.92.070 into the trust water rights program. Signed Wed, Apr. 21, 2021
1144 House Relating to qualifications for educational interpreters. Signed Mon, May. 6, 2013
1145 House Relating to joint meetings of county legislative authorities. Signed Fri, Apr. 24, 2015