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Bill Numbersort descending Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1001 House Relating to beer and wine theater licenses. Signed Mon, May. 13, 2013
1001 House Relating to utility easements on state-owned aquatic lands. Signed Mon, Apr. 17, 2017
1002 House Relating to prohibiting unfair and deceptive dental insurance practices. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
1003 House Relating to disciplinary actions against the health professions license of the subject of a department of social and health services' finding. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2013
1003 House Relating to the development of a model policy on natural disaster school infrastructure recovery by the Washington state school directors' association. Signed Tue, Mar. 29, 2016
1004 House Relating to alcohol tasting by students under twenty-one years of age. Signed Thu, Apr. 23, 2015
1006 House Relating to removing the requirement that earnings from the Washington horse racing commission operating account be credited to the Washington horse racing commission class C purse fund account. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2013
1009 House Relating to liquor self-checkout machines. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2013
1010 House Relating to referral of medical cases to occupational therapists. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
1010 House Relating to directing the department of ecology to submit an annual report to the legislature detailing the department's participation in interagency agreements. Signed Wed, Apr. 19, 2017
1011 House Relating to assigning counties to two climate zones for purposes of the state building code. Signed Fri, Apr. 17, 2015
1012 House Relating to maintenance of a surety bond for appraisal management companies. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2013
1013 House Relating to authorizing regular meetings of county legislative authorities to be held at alternate locations within the county. Signed Thu, May. 7, 2015
1017 House Relating to the siting of schools and school facilities. Signed / Partial Veto Wed, Apr. 26, 2017
1018 House Relating to modifying the maximum amount for grants provided to airports and air navigation facilities. Signed Wed, Apr. 19, 2017
1021 House Relating to creating a silver alert system. Signed Wed, Jun. 10, 2015
1021 House Relating to educating parents of the harmful effects of parental abduction. Signed Tue, Apr. 30, 2013
1022 House Relating to prohibiting general power of attorney provisions in bail bond agreements. Signed Thu, Mar. 31, 2016
1022 House Relating to alien victims of certain qualifying criminal activity. Signed Thu, Mar. 15, 2018
1027 House Relating to surplus line broker licensing. Signed Wed, Apr. 19, 2017
1034 House Relating to the licensing of escrow agents. Signed Wed, Apr. 24, 2013
1035 House Relating to title insurance rate filings. Signed Wed, Apr. 24, 2013
1036 House Relating to service contracts. Signed Thu, May. 2, 2013
1036 House Relating to business practices of registered tow truck operators by authorizing electronic records creation and storage. Signed Wed, Apr. 19, 2017
1038 House Relating to increasing the number of tasting rooms allowed under a domestic winery license. Signed Mon, May. 8, 2017


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