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Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee about yesterday's election results

November 5, 2014


“Last night voters in Washington state approved a common sense gun safety law that takes a step toward protecting our families. I’ve long believed we should close the gun show loophole and I want to thank all who worked hard on the initiative and every voter who helped make it law.

“Nationwide, it was a tough election for Democrats, especially given record low turnout. Here in Washington state, the status quo prevailed and split control of the Legislature will be maintained for another two years. People will draw different conclusions about what the election results mean, but regardless, compromise will have to be a part of our approach in Olympia.

“Though we live in a political world that requires us to stand for election, run hard and make our case to the people, we are elected and charged with serving the people and doing the people’s business. That’s where we all need to focus our energy and our efforts now.

“I will be calling legislative leaders soon to talk about how we will work together to tackle the pressing problems before us. On education, jobs, transportation, protecting our most vulnerable, and protecting our environment, I will work with lawmakers of both parties to find a way forward.

“Compromise is always possible as long as there is a commitment to meaningful action. Whatever message one divines from yesterday’s election, we can all agree voters deserve that.

“There’s a lot we need to get done in 2015. Let’s get to work.”

Media Contact 

Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office