Gov. Jay Inslee's statement regarding end of federal government shutdown

October 17, 2013


“It is good news for Washingtonians that the federal government shutdown is finally over. Beginning today federal offices will reopen and federal employees and federally-funded state employees will return to work. Washington state escaped the most severe impacts that would have soon hit had Congress not acted, though the past two weeks have brought needless stress to many families here. Fortunately, under the bill to reopen the government that was passed by Congress and signed by the President last night, Washington’s furloughed federal and state workers will be able to receive back-pay, and our state will receive reimbursement for the costs it incurred while continuing to operate important federal services, such as the administration of unemployment benefits.

“Importantly, I am pleased that President Obama held strong and that Congress voted to reopen the government without delaying or impeding our state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which has provided health coverage to nearly 25,000 Washingtonians in just the first two weeks.

“It is unfortunate that the country was brought to the brink of defaulting on its debt through this political gamesmanship. I know that many Washingtonians are angry at being made victims by D.C.’s dysfunction and the willingness of a group of Congressional Republicans to threaten the nation’s economy to achieve their political goals. I appreciate the work of those members of Congress and those in Washington’s delegation who fought to avoid this shutdown and default. It is my hope that our state and the country can avoid another manufactured crisis like this that would only serve to slow our economic recovery.”

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