COVID-19: Reducing Prison Population

COVID-19: Garnishments and Accrual of Interest

COVID-19: Department of Licensing – CDL Health Certificates and Other Requirements

COVID-19: Criminal Justice – Limitation of Actions

COVID-19: High-Risk Employees – Workers’ Rights

COVID-19: Protection Orders and Personal Service

COVID-19: Nursing Home Transfer or Discharge for COVID-19 Cohorting Purposes

COVID-19: OFM Annual Leave and Pay Procedures

COVID-19: School Closure Extension

COVID-19: DOL License Renewal Extension

COVID-19: DOL Driver License Suspension

COVID-19: Building Code Implementation Dates

COVID-19: Stay Home, Stay Healthy extension

COVID-19: DRS Post-Retirement Employment

COVID-19: DSHS Facilities


COVID-19: DOH Facilities and Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19: DOC Community Custody Violations

COVID-19: SAO Waivers

COVID-19: Visitation and Remedial Services


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