Firearm Fatality Prevention Executive Order

Governor Inslee's Executive Order 16-02:  Firearm Fatality Prevention – A Public Health Approach   

Fatalities statewide

Gun violence has scarred thousands of families in every corner of our state. It’s a public health crisis. And using a public health approach, we can help reduce gun related crime, violence, and suicides in our communities. This doesn’t need to be a divisive issue. With strong community collaboration and sensible policies and strategies, we can make a difference.

In January of 2016, Gov. Inslee announced an executive order launching a statewide public health initiative to reduce and prevent gun related fatalities and injuries. The order also implements the Statewide Suicide Prevention Plan. 

The Firearm Fatality Prevention Executive Order - A Public Health Approach 

  • Data-driven strategies for success. The EO directs specific state agencies to collect, review and disseminate data related to firearm injuries and fatalities. That data will inform recommendations for prevention and safety strategies to reduce firearm fatalities and injuries.
  • Improving effectiveness of background checks. The Office of Financial Management will analyze the current information sharing system used by agencies and local jurisdictions for background checks and find ways to improve effectiveness in the system.
  • Preventing suicide. The WA Dept. of Health will begin implementing the Statewide Suicide Prevention Plan which will:
    • Promote depression and suicide risk screening tools as part of Healthier Washington’s integration of behavioral health and primary care;
    • Develop a social marketing outreach campaign for populations at high risk for suicide; and
    • Focus on recent recommendations for existing prevention programs related to schools, veteran and Native American and Alaskan Native communities.
  • Stronger enforcement practices. The Office of the Attorney General will analyze current enforcement practices for unlawful attempts to buy firearms. 

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