Blue Ribbon Commission Survey

Survey Closes: Fri. Sept 30




Consumers are children, youth and families who have received social services from State agencies:

  • Current or former foster youth
  • Biological family
  • Extended family (grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin, etc.)
  • Adoptive family
  • Legal guardian family




  • Provider or staff of child & family services
  • Provider or staff of placement / permanency services




  • Children’s Administration staff
  • Department of Early Learning staff
  • Personnel of other child and family serving state agencies


Dependency Courts


  • Judges
  • Attorneys
  • CASAs
  • GALs
  • Law Enforcement
  • Other Dependency Court Personnel

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. Created by the Washington Blue Ribbon Commission on the Delivery of Services to Children and Families (Commission), the survey is designed to collect many perspectives from a wide range of people who have been involved with WA State child and family services in recent years.

Improving Services to Children & Families

The Commission was created by Governor Inslee to recommend the organizational structure for a department focused exclusively on children and families. This Cabinet-level state agency will promote greater accountability, heighten the visibility of children’s issues, and reduce barriers to improving service and outcomes for children and families.

The goals of this new department are:

  • Better outcomes for more children across the state.
  • Improved child and family well-being through earlier and more comprehensive intervention strategies.

The Current Opportunity

The Commission’s efforts offer a unique opportunity to improve the well-being of all Washington’s children and families, especially our most vulnerable. Thousands of families across the state struggle with poverty, mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, historic or cultural inequity, as well as other challenges. Children exposed to these circumstances often experience severe trauma and hardship, impacting their ability to succeed in school and beyond. Services are frequently accessed only after a crisis has occurred.

The Governor believes we can do better to help these children, youth and families thrive. Your participation in this survey will help the Commission design a department in which children and families receive the right services, at the right time, to effectively meet their needs.

Survey Deadline

To be considered for the Commission’s recommendations, surveys must be completed by September 30, 2016.

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