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Governor Inslee at Facebook

Gov. Inslee signing the wall at Facebook Seattle

Washington is home to more than 14,000 information and communications technology companies and 313,100 technology-based workers. Employers include technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo, Zillow and Tableau. Search and social media powerhouses Google, Facebook and Twitter have discovered the competitive advantages of having a presence in Washington and have opened offices here.

In fact, few places in the country can match our talented pool of information and communication technology (ICT) workers, whether working in small start-ups destined to be the next Washington State success story or companies that are already industry legends.

ICT is big business in Washington State, generating an estimated $36.4 billion in revenue annually. 82 of every 1,000 private sector employees in the state work in the technology industry. ICT companies are engaged in nearly every product in the nation for total state-level payroll coming from the tech industry at 18.4 percent, and product and service line, from microcomputer business productivity tools and telecommunications to the mobile apps, big data and digital gaming.

Collaboration is a way of life in Washington State. Businesses readily partner with one another, supported by venture capitalists on the lookout for new investments, R&D labs on the cutting edge at public research institutions and private firms, a plethora of networking opportunities and a fierce, competitive spirit that is part of our DNA, driving innovation and bringing revolutionary new products and services to market daily.

Industry Snapshot

  • $36.4 Billion in Annual Revenue
  • 50,000+ Software Engineers
  • 313,100+ Technology-Based Workers


Steven Maheshwary
Director of Economic Development, Information & Communication Technology​
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