Office of Aerospace

Photo of Boeing 787 plane

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Washington's aerospace industry fuels jobs for tens of thousands of families and travel for billions of passengers each year. In addition to the world headquarters for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Washington is home to 1,350+ aerospace-related business establishments that design and manufacture products ranging from tires to carbon fiber structures to in-flight entertainment systems. In 2014, 95% of all commercial airplanes produced in North American were manufactured and took their maiden flights from Washington.

While the Washington aerospace industry has global reach—with dozens of foreign-owned enterprises located in the state and aerospace products imported from and exported to every corner of the planet, its impacts can be felt across the state.There is at least one aerospace-related company in 35 of Washington’s 39 counties. In 2014, the aerospace industry generated $85.7 billion in economic activity throughout the state of Washington.

Our public research institutions and private firms lead the world in the advancement of new aerospace technologies, as well, including advanced materials, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), aviation biofuels and space exploration.

Gov. Inslee's top priority is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in a competitive global economy through investments in workforce training, education at the elementary through graduate levels, infrastructure and continued support of key industries such as aerospace. (More information in the Washington State Aerospace Strategy). The Office of Aerospace implements these initiatives and coordinates the “support chain” to grow our aerospace industry with the help of the following entities:

The Office of Aerospace is a public/private partnership funded in part by the Washington Aerospace Partnership.