Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for contacting the Governor's Office. Please see the FAQ below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Budget – state budgets, budget highlights, temporary layoff

Business – starting, growing, registration, taxes, licenses & permits

Complaints – abuse, citizen complaint, consumer complaint, discrimination, whistleblower

Disabilities – employment, rights, resources

Education – early education, K-12 schools, disabilities and Individualized Education Plans, higher education

Emergency management and public safety – preparedness, natural disasters, public health

Employment and economy – jobs, training, unemployment, workers compensation, economic recovery, financial education

Environment and natural resources – conservation, permits, salmon, state lands, landowners, resources

Government – budget, elections/voting, local, federal & state government, state laws

Health Care – health care reform, private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, other

Immigration – citizenship, immigration reform, legal permanent residence, state driver's licenses

  • Immigration is a federal issue, and the Governor has no jurisdiction over federal matters. Please contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you are having difficulties with USCIS or would like to share your opinion on federal immigration reform, please contact your federal elected officials.
  • For concerns about access to state driver's licenses, please contact your state legislators here.

Insurance – auto, health, homeowner, life, long-term care, other

Legal – child support, custody, divorce, legal help, pardon and clemency, prisons

Office of the Governor requests – flag, photo, student info, scout troops, invite the Governor to an event

Social & Community Services – food assistance, housing, health care, child care assistance, other

Travel – passports, enhanced license/ID, tourism

Veterans – benefits, resources, services

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