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Prescription Drug Affordability Board

The Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB) was enacted by the Legislature and signed by the Governor in 2022, with the goal of reducing Rx out-of-pocket costs to Washington consumers. The PDAB is to be a 5 member board appointed by the Governor, with administrative support from the Health Care Authority. The PDAB was vested with authority to analyze data from multiple sources to review the price and cost growth of prescription drugs and set upper payment limits on certain of those drugs that may lead to significant excess costs. PDAB and Advisory Board members may not be employees of, board members of, or consultants to, prescription drug manufacturers, PBMs, health careers, wholesale distributors, or related trade associations. It is anticipated that the PDAB will begin meeting in January of 2023. The PDAB’s authorizing statutes can be found in Chapter 70.405 RCW