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North Pacific Research Board

The North Pacific Research Board supports peer-reviewed scientific research in the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Arctic Ocean to inform effective management and sustainable use of marine resources. Proposals are selected for funding through the annual research program or the long-term monitoring program. NPRB also develops and implements multi-institution, interdisciplinary science projects under the integrated ecosystem research program to create a more integrated understanding of Alaska’s ocean ecosystems. Additionally, NPRB administers a graduate student research award program that encourages students to pursue scientific and scholarly research that addresses management issues in northern seas. The board is comprised of twenty members representing federal, state and other entities. Ten members are ex-officio members who serve by virtue of their holding a particular position within an organization. Nine additional members are appointed by the Secretary of Commerce from nominations provided by the governors of the states of Alaska (five seats), Washington (three seats), and Oregon (one seat). The final member represents fishing interests and is nominated by the Board and appointed by the Secretary.