• Governor Inslee takes a pen as he prepares to sign the Use of Deadly Force bill during the 2019 legislative session. He is surrounded by legislators, community members and advocates who support the legislation.

    Joined by dozens of legislators, law enforcement officials and community leaders, Gov. Inslee signs a bill that changes the law for use of deadly force by police and requires officers to take additional de-escalation trainings.

  • Gov. Inslee celebrates ending the 2019 legislative session with democratic legislative leaders at press conference.

    Gov. Inslee and legislative leaders celebrate significant victories related to climate change and conservation, education, healthcare, jobs, safe communities and more with the conclusion of the 2019 Session.

  • Washington Named No. 1 State in Nation

    U.S. News and World Report has named Washington the No. 1 state in the nation with high scores on our economy, health care, education, energy, economic growth and more. 

  • In the State of the State address, Gov. Inslee celebrated the successes of 2019 before turning to the priorities of 2020, including homelessness and climate legislation. 

  • A Southern Resident orcas breaching in the waters of Puget Sound.

    Gov. Inslee signed five crucial orca recovery bills into law that protect the safety and livelihood of Washington’s Southern Resident orcas. The governor championed bills that increase food, reduce disturbance and guard orcas from oil spills.

  • Gov. Inslee and First Lady Trudi celebrate with legislators and higher education stakeholders after signing Washington's Workforce Education Investment Act.

    Gov. Inslee celebrates the Workforce Education Investment Act, one of the most progressive education investments in the nation. It guarantees financial aid for over 110,000 students and expands the governor’s Career Connect Washington Initiative.

  • Gov. Inslee rallies with hundreds of supporters in celebration of Washington’s new clean energy laws.

    Gov. Inslee rallies with hundreds of supporters in celebration of Washington’s new unprecedented suite of clean energy laws that decarbonize the state’s economy and transform its energy landscape. These policies reduce carbon emissions, create jobs and improve health outcomes while benefiting workers and vulnerable communities.

  • Gov. Inslee speaks at SeaTac Airport about executive orders affecting immigrants and refugees

    Find resources from state agencies and organizations to help immigrants and refugees impacted by federal executive orders.

  • Joshua Stuller shakes Gov. Jay Inslee’s hand after the governor signed a behavioral health bill. A few years ago, a family member called a mental health crisis line on behalf of Stuller. Instead of getting help, Stuller was arrested and ended up spending 13 months in solitary confinement. His story shed important light on the importance of individuals getting timely care in the mental health system.

    Gov. Inslee signs four bills into law that will transform Washington’s mental health system. The bills shift treatment to community-based care, establish a University of Washington behavioral health teaching hospital and integrate to a more holistic model of behavioral health care for patients.

Special Session

Yakama Nation Retrocession

Snohomish County Landslide

State of Emergency - Grays Harbor, King, Lewis, Lincoln, and Pierce counties

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington, Amended - Burn Ban)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Extend Burn Ban)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Re-extend Burn Ban)

Extending Hours for Fuel Truck Drivers

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Burn Ban Extension)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Burn Ban Extension)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Burn Ban Extension)

State of Emergency (Okanogan County mudslides)


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