Gov. Jay Inslee's statement regarding end of federal government shutdown

“It is good news for Washingtonians that the federal government shutdown is finally over. Beginning today federal offices will reopen and federal employees and federally-funded state employees will return to work.

Gov. Inslee launches online forum to gather input on new Results Washington initiative

Gov. Jay Inslee today launched an interactive web-based tool for Washingtonians to share feedback and ideas about the state’s new Results Washington initiative.

State of Emergency for Pierce County

Special Session

State of Emergency - Skagit River Bridge Collapse

Special Session

State of Emergency - European Gypsy Moth

Terminating States of Emergency

Special Session

Yakama Nation Retrocession

Snohomish County Landslide

State of Emergency - Grays Harbor, King, Lewis, Lincoln, and Pierce counties

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington, Amended - Burn Ban)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Extend Burn Ban)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Re-extend Burn Ban)

Extending Hours for Fuel Truck Drivers

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Burn Ban Extension)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Burn Ban Extension)

State of Emergency (Eastern Washington - Burn Ban Extension)


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