Welcome to the Office of the Education Ombuds

The Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO) resolves complaints, disputes, and problems between families and Washington State elementary and secondary public schools in all areas that affect student learning.

OEO is a statewide agency that functions independently from the public school system. Our services are free, confidential and available to families and students eligible for or enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our work provides an alternative to costly lawsuits and administrative hearings, contributes to the improvement of the education system, the closing of the achievement gap and promotes family engagement in education. OEO is the only agency of its kind in the nation.

We intervene in issues such as: bullying/harassment, cyber bullying, suspensions, expulsions, special education, enrollment, transportation, discipline, academic progress, truancy, transition from pre-school to Kindergarten. and more. We facilitate and/or mediate conversations between parents and school officials, and guide all parties towards resolution focusing on what is best for the student. OEO advocates for fair processes for students in public schools.

We serve parents/legal guardians, students, K-12 educators who need to resolve a problem affecting a student. We also provide consultations to professionals working with families who need information about public education.

Learn more About OEO and how to Request our complaint resolution services. Read OEO's legislative priorities. View our publications for parents.

Our Mission

OEO promotes equity in education by working with families and schools to remove barriers so that every student can fully participate in and benefit from public education in the State of Washington.

Our Vision

OEO envisions an equitable public education system that is responsive and accountable to every child in the State of Washington.